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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Two Things Broke Our Hearts

It is frustrating.  Sitting here waiting for the house to sell, actually it would be nice to have someone come and  even look  at it.  So far we've had two realtors come by in almost a month now, with no bites or offers.  We keep telling ourselves we need to be patient and we need patience now!
This weekend we got away to our local campground, Bull Run Regional Park.  It's been good, we have had nothing on our agenda except kick back and vegge.  We've worked on some financial planning ideas, have planned a trip to Branson, MO in September with my dad and Marti's sister and read books.  We look forward to getting on the road when the time comes.

But, and it's a big but, we're starting to flesh out "Plan B", or what we'll do if the house doesn't sell.  The clock is ticking towards 1 September and two things happen on that date, I retire from the Coast Guard and I receive my last paycheck.  Starting 1 October I get my monthly retirement check, which will be exactly half of my income.  That will be enough to live and travel on as fulltimers, but if the house doesn't go before then, I'll have to get *gulp* another job!  So that is something we're following up on, too.

As we were sitting around yesterday morning, we got a phone call from our daughter, Heather.  She said little Owie fell down and hurt his wrist and he was in great pain, so she was taking him to the emergency room.  It turned out he has a bad sprain and has his wrist all wrapped up.

It broke our hearts that we were not able to run down and comfort him.  Owie always loves Mimi's hugs.  Heartbreak number one. :c(

Today we did some more reading, a little bike riding and some blog reading.  One blog we follow is

Their post today is about travels in and around Astoria, Oregon, where our granddaughters, Taylor and Keirra live. 
The blog pictures of the girl's home town broke our hearts,  we miss them and wish we could be heading out to see them right now.  Heartbreak number two. :c(

We know we're on the right track, heading towards our future (please not too distant!) full time lifestyle, where we can choose where and when to go where we need to or want to be.  We're hanging on.

In the meantime, a little practicing for our future:

Next post will be the story of "The Letter".

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  1. We feel your pain Paul. Number Make sure your Realtor is being very proactive, some are better than others. I know you don't want to give it away, but you may have to lower the price to make it a very good deal for a quick sale. Good luck and hang in there!!!

  2. Your house is going to sell! Just at the right time, too. I saw a billboard once and I think of it often as I find myself fretting over MY plans. It read "if you want to make God laugh, tell him YOUR plans". In other words God's timing is better than ours.

  3. Hard for me to believe that your house wasn't snapped up the instant you listed it. Sure looked good to me. Thanks for your comment.

  4. Our hearts go out to you with your two heartbreaks. Soon -- very, very soon -- you'll be able to go see your grandkids any time you want to, for AS LONG as you want to!

    Love that license plate!!

  5. sorry to hear you have had no offers as yet!..poor Owie!!

  6. I just read your blog and it's Sunday evening! If we had just seen it one day earlier, we would have offered to drop something by at your granddaughter's house today from you! Isn't that what we do for fellow bloggers? However, we're moving down to Nehalem Bay in the morning. Hurry up and sell your house so you can get on the road and see those kids ....

    -- Just Wanderin' --

  7. Hate to hear you even thinking about having to get another job. Thoughts become things so see yourself signing on the dotted line and putting a SOLD sign on your lawn.

    Could you rent the house to cover its expenses so you could go on the road if worst comes to worst?

    Have you googled your address to see if it's on line in those places Bill's realtor suggested.

    I really want you two on the road and having as much fun as we are. And I need Paul's Humor. We just met Steve Dahl today. He did a wildflower hike here but doesn't think you two are related. Too bad for him!

  8. Poor little Owie! As for the house - any way you can rent it for a while? My house sold in 3 days and then tripled in value the next 2 years. Wish I had rented it for a while.

  9. Aww poor Owie! I know you're getting frustrated & disheartened. Keep the His time :)

  10. Hey Guys...we REALLY know how you feel. Not sure what to say other than things happen when they are suppose to happen.

    We have sold 16 houses before this one and it never took more than a few months at the most. We have been on the market for 13 months so far. So this real estate market is a tough one;o((

    Feeling your pain and hoping we both sell soon!!!

  11. Found your blog through Jeri's. Where in Northern VA are you at? I met my hubby in VA and we lived in Springfield for several years. When we left VA, we had lots of trouble selling our house - it was during the bubble burst back in the 90's. But we rented it and eventually sold it to the people who were renting it. Keeping my fingers crossed for you.


  12. Reading about your house selling worries brings back all the thoughts we had when selling our house. As I recall, you are confident with your realtors abilities and knowledge, so I assume that is not an issue.

    Our house was on the market for 2.5 years before it sold. Looking back on it, I realize that there were two big problems with the way it went. First we were not up to speed on the real nature of the then developing housing market crisis and perhaps more importantly, our realtor (who was a great guy) was in denial. The result was that we chased the falling values way to long.

    If we had taken what looked like a big hit early, we would have actually sold it for much more than we did in the end. For us there was a very unhappy plan "B" to keep a house we really did not want in any scenario.

    I am a self confessed poor seller and certainly do not know values in your area. But if there continues to be no traffic, I would think that is an indicator that potential buyers think the house is overpriced beyond what they could expect to negotiate down too. ( we averaged over 3 showings a month for the whole period.)

    In the end, when the time came for us to hit the road, we decided to go and just left the house empty for all that time, until finally we were able to get rid of it.

    I can say that when we decide to get another house, I will not pay a dime over what it is realistically worth, and much less if I can get it.

  13. How long did you sign the contract with your agent for? Hopefully not too long. I did a short one to lite a fire under my agent's butt. She knew if I didn't see results I would find another agent. I ended up with another agent due to her lack of advertising and not responding to calls. Do what others have suggested and advertise the heck out of it.
    Good Luck!!!!!

  14. A Job?!? Anything but that. I know it can be scary, but can you rent for awhile? I should have done that, but I was too chicken.

  15. We seem to have just about the same time-line. Our house went on the market a week or so ahead of yours (no showings). My "official" retirement date is August 1. I've done more paperwork to leave this job than I did to get hired. I can only imagine the amount of paperwork you must be filling out. If our house doesn't sell by this Fall, we'll travel at a very slow pace. We plan to empty it out by Oct one way or the other. Lord give me patience, but please hurry!

  16. I sure hope you get an offer soon. All that waiting has to be awful. :(

  17. We too are in the waiting room!!!! Reminds me of waiting for the DR. who is always late and sometimes does not show up!! We are having traffic and some interest - the problem is the interest is coming from the tourists who are out there looking with very little intent of buying - sort of day dreaming! We ae sitting her day dream of the full time RV life!!
    We have been the bridesmaid 3 times during the past 5 months now and that is very dis-heartening.
    My wife is in the process of publishing her first novel so that is filling up our days until a real buyer comes along. We are working on a Plan B as well.

  18. Selling the house can be agonizing. We got a lot less than we wanted for ours but we are glad we bit the bullet and sold it.