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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

From The Mountains To The Prairies

Sometimes I have conniption fits with Blogger.  There are days when it seems to have a mind of its own, especially when it comes to posting pictures.  After several days of no uploads, I finally have been able to get some pictures to jump onto my post, albeit super slow.

This picture is of the Journey in Friendly RV Park, with Mt. Shasta in the background.  This was a nice little Passport America Park.  It would be a good staging area for exploring the Mt. Shasta area.  We're keeping that in our file for our future travels in Northern California.  In the summer, next time.  It was 22 degrees when we left Tuesday morning.  We are exceeding our propane budget line right now because of the cold temps we have had during our stay in Oregon and here in Northern California, but hey, that's what a furnace is for, right?

Coming down to the Sacremento Valley, the temperatures warmed up nicely.  The sun felt especially nice since it was such a rare thing to see up in Oregon. 

 By the time we pulled in to the Sharpe RV Park at the San Joaquin Defense Distribution Depot, we were starting to feel slightly toasted.  No complaints here, it felt great!

At $15/night, we booked for two nights.

We are now in shorts, t-shirts and flip-flops, it feels great.  We've been waiting a long time to don these clothes.  It is going to be just a lazy day chillin' and doing a whole lot of nothing.  In fact, it feels so good, we're going to add an extra day to our stay.

It's nice to have the windows open again, even if we hear an occasional bit of noise from one of these passing by about a half mile away.

No complaints here, I love trains.

Not to mention how much we're glad we're not having to deal with this any more. :c)

Having lots of time on our hands, we slept in late.  I cooked a nice breakfast, corned beef hash and eggs.  It tasted great.

In the afternoon, we decided to take a ride in the Element and just see what the neighborhood and surrounding area looked like.  Thanks to Jeri from Just Wanderin', we found this little place.

Of course Marti made me stop.  She's all woman. ;c)

Along with all the rows of chocolate delights,

Marti "talked" me into something else.

We drove around some more, doing a little sight seeing of the area, enjoying some of the homes and buildings.  We came across a gas station with this stuck in its roof.

We figure they were on their way to the Extraterrestrial Highway in Nevada and ran low on gas.  Approaching the pumps, they must have misjudged their speed.  Hope they have good insurance!

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  1. Hey! I've never been there! It's on the list now, complete with the yummy sundaes. I'm even willing to risk being hit with a UFO.

  2. Oh boy is my mouth watering. Just give me the address of that ice cream shop and the name of those treats. Bill and I will be right over.

  3. Nice to hear you are in the shorts, T shirts and flip flop weather. The breakfast sounded so good. We are not in the retirement mode yet and have missed Ghirardelli Chocolate Outlet off the 5 Freeway every time we head north to BC. Sure looks like it is worth the stop. I have to take the retirement thought serious this year. Glad to see you both enjoying it. You make us both realize what we are missing.

  4. Yum! Those sundaes look spectacular!

  5. you just gotta love the shorts tees and kinda clothes for sure!! Enjoy and be safe out there..isn't life wonderful?

  6. We look forward to your vicariously through you and Marti!!..I see you have your South Dakota plate on your blog now!!..enjoy the warm weather and the lack of work!! are both so very lucky to be able to live your dream!!

  7. Oh, YUM!! Chocolate and ice cream, my two favourite vegetables!!

    Mike and Dee White

  8. Glad you found the warmth of the sun:o)) Better eat the ice cream fast before it melts!!

  9. Haha - love that gas station pic! Those sundaes look positively scrumptious.

    We got some of that white stuff this morning - you're definitely not missing anything!! :)

  10. Ahhh, shorts & flipflops..our mantra when we fulltime.

  11. Shorts and T we've yet to see that weather.....nice. PA is a great thing, sure helps us keep on budget, oh and pick yourselves up a nice elec heater, since elec is included at the parks it'll help keep that propane budget in check.

  12. Glad you finally got to dig out those summer clothes! Now you can even put away all that raingear you have.

    I'm glad you didn't blame me for those huge ice cream treats. And, I'm sure not going to show Terry that picture. He'll want one too (two) or maybe three.

  13. Do you make your own hash?? If so, do you share recipies?
    The chocolate factory is now on our list!!! :>)

  14. I'm glad you finally found some sunshine and warm temps.

    Have you tried Windows Live Writer to post your blog? I prefer it over blogger to do write my posts. The good thing is you can write the blog without internet access and post it later when you have internet.

  15. OMG OMG OMG on those sundaes!

    You are killing us here in the snowy Great Lakes with your talk of tshirts and shorts and flipflops. I am in sweats, wool socks and had to bundle head to toe in winter garb to let out the neighbors' dogs and fill the bird feeders today. Blasting cold wind chills of ZERO today. ACK!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard