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Monday, March 19, 2012

This Blog Has Been Interrupted By...

...the phone call we've been waiting for.  Corey called today and said tomorrow the doctor is taking our daughter-in-law in to deliver baby Anabelle, their first child, our fifth grandchild and third granddaughter. 

We've packed the Journey up and are ready for an early morning departure from South Carolina.  We'll take two days to get to their home in New Jersey, just in time to see them in the hospital.

Many of you have asked for pictures, here is a a "Before" shot.

Stand by for the "After" shot(s).  I'm sure there is going to be more than one. ;c)

We apologize in advance if we miss a couple of posts, we might be a little busy Oohing and Ahhing.

Thanks for visiting and feel free to leave a comment.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS even though it's a little early but so is Annabelle! This is what it's all about. We'll be here waiting for pictures of your new grand-baby!!

  2. Exciting news! Safe travels to you!

  3. wooohooo and congratulations to the whole safe you two!!! Will look for the after shots for sure!!!!

  4. And that's why you love full timing. Just take your house and go for all the joy! Safe trip!!

  5. Excitement, Excitement! Wow!

  6. What are you doing writing the blog, get moving man!!!

    Congrats Gampa

  7. how exciting for you all!! safely!..and we can't wait to see the pictures of the new addition!!

  8. Happy, Happy, Happy:o)))

    Safe Travels and Happy Trails...

  9. Can't wait for the pictures! Travel safe.

  10. Oh I am soooo excited for you!!! A new little bundle to owwwwww & ahhhh over ~ lifes precious moments!
    Have fun & Travel safe

  11. Exciting times ahead! Travel safely. Looking forward to seeing pics of your new bundle of joy.