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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Rolling Again

We hooked up the Journey and the Element this morning and headed out on our trip to California to visit our four granddaughters who live there.  I can't believe the Journey looks so dirty from sitting in the storage lot.  I put it away after our February Florida trip clean.

We did an easy 400 miles, stopping overnight at a Walmart outside of Nashville to enjoy our free stay that only cost me $198.  Yep, the cupboards in the Journey were might empty.

We hit a real heavy rainstorm, a genuine frog strangler.  I passed three poor guys riding motorcycles in that deluge.  It brought back memories from my escapades riding my motorcycle in the rain.  No matter how good my rain gear was, it always seemed to funnel water right into my crotch area.  As I was remembering that wonderful feeling, I suddenly felt water dripping on my leg.  The wind driven rain was actually being force in through  the gasket sealing the driver side window.  That was a wakeup, never had that happen before.  I'll be taking a close look at that gasket and all the caulking anyway, it's due for a close inspection.

We're going to take a slow ride to CA, we plan on stopping at some sites along the way, trying to brake the PDD habit.  :c)

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  1. Love the "brake" the PDD habit! Perfect! Except for me, 400 miles is PDD.

    Great minds and all that, except in this case I think it's dual problems. I spent the day today trying to get the 6 weeks worth of dirt, mold and mildew off of Winnona and I'm not nearly finished. All she did was sit and wait for us in a very nice Charlottesville neighborhood. What she really needs is a total body paint to make her some other color than white!!

    Some nasty weather in the midwest. Be careful out there. Safe and Happy Trails!

  2. Yeah, those free Walmart stops are costly. Although twice this trip we stayed at Cracker Barrel and splurged on both dinner and breakfast. Yummy, but we didn't even fill our pantry, just our stomachs. Enjoy the trip.

  3. Nice to see you back on the road. Man, Nashville to California would take us a month! At least!

  4. Glad that you're rolling again. Slow it down. 400 miles would be at the top of our limit for a day's drive. Hey, you're retired!

  5. So glad to hear you are on the road again. We know you are looking forward to time with the Grands, but first take time to get there!!

    Safe Travels and Happy Trails...

  6. Nice to be back on the road again, take your time and enjoy the drive, so much to see along the way, Shiny side up.

  7. You are still qualifying for the PDD Silver award. It is a hard habit to break. It is like a new beginning learning to enjoy the scenery and all the hidden treasures along the way.
    Maintenance, part of being an RVer.
    Be Safe and stop and Enjoy yourselves. You are retired.

    It's about time.

  8. Wishing you well on your travels. Nice to see you traveling again.

  9. I am with Sherry, 400 miles is not a slow ride! We are currently in Bismarck, ND and our longest day was 264:)

  10. Safe journey and enjoy your time back on the road.

  11. With your driving style probably only 5 or 6 stops 😆