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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Taking A Day Off

After a day of rain filled driving,

we made it to Crab Orchard NWR in Illinois to stay for two nights.  We have some very dear friends, Denny and Mary, that volunteer here.  We worked with them the last several winters at Strom Thurmond COE so it's nice to take time off from the road and catch up.

Yes, that is actually trees behind the Journey instead of a Walmart or Flying J store.  :c)

Stay tuned.


  1. Nice that you're taking a break.

  2. I don't think I've ever heard of a NWR with camping. One of my original reasons for wanting to full time was to visit all the National Parks and National Wildlife Refuges. Then I found refuges didn't have campgrounds which made them much harder to visit. Great to know one does. Thanks. Wish they had a list if there are more that do.

    1. This place is huge and the campground has many FHU sites for $12.50/night for us "seasoned citizens". We're just sad that we only have two nights here, but it is so worth a repeat visit. We'll be doing that for sure.

  3. Good to take a travel break. But a break with friends is even sweeter!!! I think the friends we have made during our full-timing adventures are the jewels of this wonderful lifestyle:o))

  4. I thought you took a day off of retirement, not possible is it?
    That's the way we like to enjoy a road trip,drive for a day, stop for a few, repeat...

  5. So nice to have friends along the way to help break up the travel days!

  6. Breaks are not only nice but sometimes a necessity!! Enjoy that tree 😊

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