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Monday, July 29, 2019

180 Shopping Days Till Christmas! With Poor Quality Pix This Time (Don't Know What Happened)

Just a warning, July 25th was 180 days away from Christmas 2019.  What better way to spend that day than volunteering at my local USO.  Of course, if you don't know how to say "No" you can find
yourself in the strangest places doing the most unusual things.

Somehow I found myself resurrecting "Santa Paul", ie: Santa interrupting his summer vacation to visit a nearby military training base riding on a fire truck that was playing Christmas tunes.  We stopped all over the base, everywhere we saw groups of service members and brought some summertime Christmas cheer into their day by handing out candy canes and free energy soft drink hats.

Everybody wanted their picture taken with Santa.  They also took a lot of selfies with the old guy.  I think they wanted to prove to their families and friends that Santa really did visit them in the middle of a hot summer day in South Carolina, and it wasn't a mirage they saw due to being out in the sun too long.

All tolled, we gave out over 140 hats and numerous candy canes to service members in the Army, Navy and Marines.  It was great fun and just another way the USO supports our military members.

Now, Santa is back on his well earned summer vacation while those wonderful elves are keeping toy production going at the North Pole.  Me?  I'm wondering what the ladies that run the USO have in store for me next!

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  1. A problem with your pictures uploading.
    You share your time wisely with those that need a Big Smile.
    We were finished Christmas Shopping for 2019 before Christmas 2018 and it was all wrapped around Easter.
    Be Safe and Enjoy Christmas in July.

    It's about time.

  2. What a great thing to do. As Rick & Kathy said, your pictures aren't loading :(

  3. Sounds like you had some fun times playing Santa It has been many years since I did that and was always a lot of fun.

  4. Sounds like just the thing to keep Santa Paul out of trouble!!! We know you cheered up a lot of folks and we hope you can figure out why your photos won't load. We need to see proof of this adventure;o))) Stay cool...

  5. That sounds like fun and I am sure they all really enjoyed it. Happy summer Xmas!!

  6. Thanks for the photos...looks like great fun!!!

  7. Looks like you have a spammer. I would definitely like to have my picture taken with Santa Paul. Sorry I'm so late in reading this. My life remains in a fog.

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