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Saturday, November 6, 2010

South Carolina Fun

Even though we flew instead of driving our Journey down to visit our grandsons in South Carolina, we're still having a blast. 

Marti and I got a chance to explore the neighborhood where the boys live.  Owie took Mimi's (Marti's) hand so she didn't get lost.

We explored a new development in the community.  Here Owie and Mimi examined a mud puddle.

Sometimes a boy has to do what a boy has to do!

Boy, that was some splash!

Of course, walking home, the usual happened.

Back at the house, Andrew played Mimi's Wii games.   Mimi loves to play her Wii games and brings them along so the boys can play them with her. 

Saturday was soccer day, both Andrew and Owie had games.  It was a beautiful, sunny day in South Carolina.  Unfortunately, the weatherman forgot to tell the cold temperatures to stay up North.

Andrew's team played their last game of the season.

Andrew received a really nice participation award.

Then it was time for Owie's game.  Daddy gave him some last minute pointers.

Owie enjoyed running up and down the field kicking the soccer ball.

He even scored TWO goals!  One on each end of the field, one for his team and one for the other team, too!  OOPS!

It's been a fun day with the boys. :c)

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  1. what a fun saturday! mud puddles and soccer!!

  2. It's so fun watching li'l ones playing soccer. They usually are more interested in the blades of grass than the ball :)

  3. How lucky you all are to have one another to be so connected! Be safe...