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Friday, February 25, 2011

Hoping for a Weather Break

Today the wind blew like there was no tomorrow.  I was glad that I drove my little Honda Civic to work today instead of driving the Journey (not that I'd do that - 8mpg for 330 miles - yikes!) and I was blowing all over the road in it.  I don't know how the truckers were able to keep those 18 wheelers going in a straight line.

If it gets a little nicer tomorrow, I want to take the Journey over to the truck tire shop that is a Michelin dealer to inspect my tires, I notice some little cracks in the sidewall. 

They are not very deep, but I want a pro to look at them for my peace of mind.  The tires are a little over three and a half years old and have 31K miles on them.  The tread looks like new, but Michelins are noted for developing sidewall cracks.  From my research, I have read that cracks are not a reason to replace the tire until they get to a certain size.  I sure don't want to replace the tires at $411 each, (before mounting) if I don't have to.

If the weather cooperates, I will pull off my engine hatch and work on it at the house.  I have an appointment with my RV dealer to get the Norcold refrigerator recall done on Monday, so I'll drop it off when I'm finished removing the hatch.  If the weather whacks again, the hatch will have to wait.

So ends another week.  Another week closer to our dream.  We heard from our realtor and home prices and sales in our neighborhood are low and flat, like everywhere in the country.  Funny, they are building a bunch of new houses about a half mile from us.  If builders are building, somebody must be buying.  So all we need is that one somebody.  

Nothing fancy with this post today, but I'll get some good pictures of the Norcold recall fix for the next post.


  1. Hopefully, you will be okay with the tires. Mine are are over five years old with 43K. They just passed an inspection in Oct. A lot of the wear on these tires is actually sitting in one place for long periods.

  2. good luck with the tire store tomorrow! for the real estate market?..our is pretty much the same..blech!!
    have a great weekend..and yes we are all one week closer!

  3. That's an awfully long drive to work each day! :(

  4. Good luck with the tires. Seems like you should some more years to go before you have to replace them. I will be interested to see what you did. I actually went through this with mine two seasons ago, I just didn’t have peace of mind about the tires, so we splurged and put new ones on all the way around. We have 8 with the Tag Axle.


  5. Ouch! Tires are so costly! Hopefully you won't have to replace then until much later.
    Keep believing that your buyer is out there...Our buyer's deal fell thru, they fell in love with ours and WooHoo the sale made us all happy. Praise the Lord! Your day is coming...keep believing. Kathy