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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Marti Gets the Boot!

Today we visited the orthopaedic doctor.  He reviewed Marti's X-rays and looked at her ankle.  He said at this point, there is no need to have any surgery, which was a big relief for Marti.  He did caution her that she needs to keep her ankle immobilized, if by some chance she twists it, that could do further damage which would require pins, plates and screws to repair. :c(

So he fitted Marti with a special inflatable boot instead of the old fashioned casts.

The boot is pretty high tech, with a little pump to inflate a cushion tightly around her ankle.  Unfortunately, she cannot walk on it and still has to use her hated crutches.

She spent all day working remotely, along with hours on the phone.  This evening her assistant, Brittney brought over a stack of paperwork for Marti to work on and a special item...a wheelchair so Marti can get around the downstairs without her crutches.

The doctor wanted Marti to stay out of work for two weeks, but that's not possible.  Reluctantly, he okayed Marti to go back on Thursday.  He cautioned her to be careful, not to push it and to be very aware of icy conditions.  He teased Marti and said if she falls and breaks a hip, he's going to call her a klutz and laugh really hard.

Marti's staff will watch out for her, I have no worries, they are a good bunch of folks. 

 So the mending begins.  In six to eight weeks, if everything goes right, maybe we'll see Marti on "Dancing With the Stars".  ;c)

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  1. What a bummer, but I'm sure she'll be up and dancing in no time! :) Maybe the new type of cast won't cause all that itching...

  2. That's great that Marti won't need surgery! Don't overdo it at work..ask for help!!

  3. hey, we love Dancing with the Stars..good for Marti :)...hang in there..take it out for the icy sidewalks!!!

  4. Looking forward to the next season of "Dancing with the Stars!"

  5. Sorry, to disappoint you guys, if I was ever on a dancing show it would be "Not-quite dancing with the Stars" (and for sure, it would comediens as the partners) LOL I don't have a rythmic bone in my body!

  6. So glad to hear no surgery and that you got the boot. This is exactly what happened to me when I broke mine. It's tough the first bit but as soon as you can put weight on it, it is at least less of an inconvenience. Take heart...I was out running just over a year later and I'm still at it.


  7. No surgery is good and who knows, maybe that boot will start a new fashion trend- of course you might have to get one for the other foot, just for appearance sake. :)