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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Marti's Musings: Misery Loves Company.

It sure seems that the adage, "Misery Loves Company" is true. 

We have friends, Mike and Terri, who are going through the same transition we are, in a nearly identical time table.  We occasionally meet for dinner, but more often will shoot emails asking about different aspects/decisions that we face during this transition, along with the emotional tugs.

They chose to utilize a company  "Caring Transitions" to help them sell the house and belongings.  We are using our kid's energy, strong backs, organizational skills, and savvy in selling homes. 

This weekend our son, Corey, and his amazing wife, Amanda, have come to lend their help.  Corey helped move heavy items of furniture (some to take to his house - yeah!), a load to the dump, and setting up/taking down beds. 

Amanda, I delightfully found out, is a master at organizing - and has helped weed out the living room - where all the movies, game systems, music etc etc etc were stored. 

With boxes labeled for each child, give away, to RV, and to store for our final home - it actually is beginning to look like we are moving.  YIKES!

It surely has helped being able to save irreplaceable heirlooms and sentimental items - to use in our next sticks n' bricks house.  Furniture will be replaced new, and our sentimental items will make it feel like home. 

The most frustrating thing for me?  Being laid up with this doggone broken ankle.  Paul and the kids have been wonderful.   Of course, phone calls from my office never end and interrupted me on and off all day. Grrr!

 Amanda would give me boxes of things to go through.  She is a wonderful woman, beautiful inside and out, and a blessing to our family.  Corey has been a huge help to his Dad, providing the help,  and calmness that is perfect during this time.  We are blessed!

So, this has been one very successful Saturday.  One more step to full-timing! Yeee haw!!!!  :-)


  1. That dang ankle will take a while to heal! It sure makes you slow down huh? But the progress continues with the help of caring family. Take good care...

  2. Yee hah is right. Even with a bum ankle, you are still working on that goal. Good for you!

  3. Glad to hear you are taking care and allowing others to help you. Sometimes, that is so hard to do. But remember, they get so much out of being able to help you also!!

    You have a great makes us smile whenever you talk about them.

  4. What a great family you have. How about some pictures of this fabulous bunch.

    Glad to hear you are taking it easy. You will be thankful later on when there are no lingering ankle problems


  5. You are lucky to have such help! I remember doing it all on my own, and it was more than exhausting. :)

  6. Your kids are awesome! Those successful days feel really good don't they? Step by step we'll get there.

  7. Great pictures of your fantastic helpers. I can see the frustration as your leg keeps you out of the action and really feel for you having been there myself. But you guys are all making great memories for future laughs. Hold that thought!


  8. Having family help is always great! Savings some stuff for that final home is also a great idea. looks like some productive chaos is happening!

  9. What a dynamo Amanda is .... Can I borrow her when you are done with her? LOL

    Karen and Steve
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