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Monday, February 14, 2011

Wrapped Up the Weekend

Lots of grunting and groaning as we loaded up the U-Haul.  And that was just me bending over to tie my shoe lace.  Corey, Amanda and I tucked into the back of the truck a bunch of furniture that we wanted to get rid of and Corey and Amanda needed, a win-win.  Sunday morning, with everything done, Corey pulled out with the truck.

Amanda followed behind in their car with Cooper, their Golden Retriever and Madison, their Pug.

Corey and Amanda were a great help and we had a great time together.  They helped us out so much and they have one more huge favor that they are pretty sure they can do for us.

We intend to distribute some more of our furniture to the other kids, Heather and Ryan's families.  Other stuff they can't use we'll either sell off or donate.  Our goal is to not have to store anything and someday when the kids take away our keys and we resettle down to a stix-n-brix, we'll get new furniture.  

One item we can't part with is our piano.  Not something you can easily take in a motorhome.  This piano has been in my family since my dad bought it back in 1958.  I remember the excitement as we carried it into the house.  My dad wanted his kids to have the gift of music and my brothers and I learned how to play on it.  I took 10 years of piano lessons and can barely play a note.  Marti, however is a great piano player.  She majored in music in college.

My dad gave us the piano some years back and Marti taught many neighborhood kids how to play to supplement our income when our kids were small.  Marti taught our daughter Heather to play, too.

Many happy memories are attached to the piano and we just couldn't sell it.

So the good news is Corey and Amanda are pretty sure they have room for it at their house.  They will take care of it while we're on the road.  Hopefully, someday, we'll see Marti teaching our grandkids how to play on it.

We feel so blessed to have such wonderful kids.  They think it's great that we're retiring and are going to fulltime.  It's nice to have their support.  We are so grateful that they are close to both Marti and I and each other, they keep in touch with each other and get together whenever they can.  We've seen so many families that are estranged from each other, we're happy that we all get along so well.  And with out fulltime lifestyle we'll be able to see them more often and for extended visits.  :c)

Now for a totally different subject, I found this box on the front porch when I came home today.

What is it?  Well, that's for the next post! ;c)

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  1. You guys and you're suspenseful endings. Keeps me reading! I'm glad that you have someone who can take the things you can't part with. I'm having issues with the things that I shouldn't part with, but have nowhere to send them! NO STORAGE is my mantra :) (Can't wait to see you at the rally too!)

  2. LOVE the picture of the pug! That's hilarious. Glad the piano will have a new home.

  3. Music is important in life. I'm glad the piano was saved. :)

  4. It sounds like y'all had an eventful week end. Nice to have that family help.

  5. nice 'golden boy' that Cooper!!..can't wait to read what was in the package tomorrow!!

  6. Wow, things are moving right along for you guys, thats great. Family support is makes the whole transion much easier. Glad to see the kids will be babysitting your things, we visit our stuff once in a while also, it great to see the kids enjoying it.
    You'll be on the road before you know it!!!

  7. Ohhh a cliffhanger!

    How nice about the kids taking on the care and loving of your piano.

    We let the kids all put dibs on all the stuff they want already... and one thing I am keeping is an old steamer trunk I refinished. I will fill it with the tiny momentos we are keeping and our oldest daughter will let it set at the end of the bed in her guest bedroom. (it kinda matches her decor)

    Other than that, all the stuff can GO!

    Karen and Steve
    (Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard