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Monday, April 3, 2017

Grounded For Who Knows How Long

Plans are made and plans are changed.  Sometimes they even go awry.  That has just happened to us.

We've been looking forward to a trip to California to visit our four granddaughters who live there with their parents (our Coast Guard son is stationed in Oakland).  May and June looked to be a good time for us to "pull chocks" on the Journey and head west.  Later this summer, more trips to New Jersey and Pennsylvania for some family reunions were planned .

Then things changed, my 95 year old dad suffered two heart attacks and two hospital stays in two months.  He survived them both but has now needed some hands on care, my siblings in New Jersey (where they all live) took care of the immediate issues but now we have some long term responsibilities to take care of.

My dad has lost some cognitive abilities and developed short term memory issues as well as trouble walking even short distances.  We thought it best to bring him here to our home base in South Carolina to allow him to rest and recuperate at least for a month or two (or more) to see how much he bounces back.  Things may go well and he will be able to return to his house in NJ or need to move in with us. We built the home base for just that eventuality.

For the foreseeable future we are holding up any travel plans while he is with us, it is best for us to have him here because we can give him the around the clock attention as he may need because we're both retired, all my brothers and sister in NJ are still working.  We all talked it over and decided this is the best thing for now.

So for now we're holding our breath and seeing how it goes day by day.  My dad is happy, resting, eating and enjoying great love stories on the Hallmark Channel.  At 95 years of age, it is amazing that he can do what he can do.  If we can just convince him that he isn't 18 anymore...   ;c)

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