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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Traveling With My Other RV

The new "Normal" certainly has changed things.  Chances for us to travel in our beloved Journey have been completely wiped out for the time being.  But just recently things here in South Carolina have loosened up a bit and one day each week for the last three weeks I've been able to take a jaunt with my other "RV".

In my town we have an informal group of folks that get together on Tuesdays, meeting at a nearby parking lot and then taking off for a ride on the back roads of South Carolina to a restaurant for a lunch together.  Doesn't matter what type of bike or brand of motorcycle you have, all are welcomed.  Some of the older riders ride three wheeled Harleys.  One of the fellows is 88 years old and it's fun trying to keep up with him.

We're very fortunate that restrictions have loosened up enough that with careful protocols in place we can taste a bit of what used to be normal life.

Even buffets are available with paper plates, plastic forks and plastic gloves handed out to prevent contamination from handling servicing spoons, as well as tables spaced out to follow social distancing guidelines.

These weekly rides are a lot of fun, even with high heat and humidity that's the norm here in South Carolina summers.  It has done me a lot of good to be able to get out of the house and get some fresh air.  I think I need to name my motorcycle "My Sanity".  😁

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