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Sunday, October 11, 2020

Alternate Pandemic RV Travel

 Being fairly locked in with the Covid restrictions, I have the Journey sitting patiently in its storage lot awaiting the chance to roll again once this is all over.  But having the travel itch, I fired up my alternate RV and wandered some of the isolated back roads in South Carolina.

Of course along with all my safety gear I wear, I added a new item.

The roads were quite empty as I motored along on a beautiful day.

My destination was a nearby Revolutionary War battlefield National Historic Park in the little town of Ninety Six.  A small town that endured a siege of Colonial forces by British troops.

I learned long ago to find a shady spot to park my motorcycle out of the hot South Carolina sun.  I only like toasted buns made out of bread.  😉

Unfortunately everything was still closed from the pandemic restrictions.  So I wandered around a little bit to see what I could see.  One old building was near the closed visitor center that I could at least view from the outside.

The siege couldn't have been too bad because next to the building they had a pizza oven!

Unfortunately there was no pizza ready for me to eat.

The Colonial forces did have the foresight to have a type of punishment for those people caught without a mask or violating social distancing.

Around the site there were interesting things to see like this small cannon.

I could have walked around and seen more things, but I had made a big mistake.  I recently bought a new pair of motorcycle riding boots.

Silly me, I should have realized they were riding boots, not made for walking. Duoh!.  I need to put a spare pair of sneakers in my motorcycle saddlebag.

After enjoying the nice weather and peace and quiet, I hopped on my trusty stead and headed back to the barn.

Only a trip of 124 miles, hardly PDD levels, but I'm happy to get out and about.

Thankfully this time of year is some of South Carolina's nicest weather, so I'm sure to get a few more rides in.  I'm now checking the maps to see where to go next.