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Monday, April 29, 2013

Another Neat Campground Find

When we’re not doing anything else (which of late has been most of the time while I’m waiting on the VA), we like to explore and check out other campgrounds.  Even though we choose to stay at this campground near our daughter’s house, there could come a day when a site wouldn’t be available, or even we possibly might like a change of scenery.  So we’re always on the lookout for “Plan B”.

We found a great military campground and recreation center near Sumter, SC.


It is run by the U.S. Air Force out of nearby Shaw AFB.  It is a wonderful place for military folks and their families to get away and enjoy nature at reasonable prices.

It is located on Lake Wateree, giving lots of opportunities to swim, fish or boat.



There are rustic cabins that can be rented.



They even have RV trailers to rent in the campground, already in place and set up.


There are many nice sized RV sites, all with 50 amps and FHUs.


A playground for kids,


as well as a large recreation hall for large gatherings and events.


The office building has a small store, and is where boats can be rented.  No, that boat in front is not one of the rentals… ;c)


It is a nice place for our military folks to kick back and relax, to get away from the pressures of military life.  And the amazing part is it is not funded by tax dollars, but by user fees and small fees collected on military commissary purchases. 

It is open to active duty, reserve and retired military members.  A nice benefit for military service.

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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Remedial Bird Identification

I have to confess, I really had no idea what kind of bird this was:


Luckily, for me, I had many friends who quickly pointed out that it is a “Gamecock”, the official mascot of the University of South Carolina.  What do I know?  I’m a D*** Yankee.

I ran across another bird, see if all you brilliant birders can identify it.


Don’t know?  It’s a “PengOwen”!

Yep, Owie (Owen) was in costume for his school’s circus.



They had popcorn vendors,




Weight lifters,




Even a Lion Tamer, who stuck his head in a lion’s mouth!


Of course, they had to have clowns!


But we were looking for the special act, Marti, Andrew and Heather kept their eyes “ripped”…(an Owie term, to keep a sharp lookout).



Finally, the Penguins!


Owie looked great in his costume.  He peered out of his mask to make sure we were watching.


He did tricks, including “sliding” on his stomach like real penguins do.


He was quite a performer and drew great laughs from the audience.

We may not be traveling right now, but we’re still having  great adventures with our grandsons, whether it’s watching them perform in a circus, or teaching them how to fix their daddy’s lawnmower.



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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Picked Up Some Hitchhikers

Our stay at the Modoc Campground left us with fond memories…and some hitchhikers:


Yep, those pesky little Sugar Ants. 

We decided to make a fast run to Walmart and get some special treats for our guests.


So far, it seems to be working, the little guys are “enjoying” this treat.


On the Veterans Administration (VA) front, I had two appointments on Monday, one with the Ophthalmologist who is going to do my cataract surgery (to measure my eyes for the lens) and another with a Respiratory Therapist who did some lung function tests.  I’m glad these two appointments were on the same day.  Sometimes you win one.

But before I got a chance to celebrate, I had another appointment scheduled, I have to see the anesthesiologist a week before my cataract surgery, which now is scheduled for 28 May.  Once the surgery is completed, I have to return the next day, then one week later and finally one month later.  That puts us here at our South Carolina “home” at least through June.  Barring any additional appointments that may pop up for my disability claim.  There is still lots pending on that.

Again, we’re looking at some nearby week long trips.  We are paying for our site here monthly at a good rate, but with pulling out to go to another campground, we’ll be double paying, so we’re trying to decide where we can get the most bang for our bucks.

We will be taking a week long car trip up to NJ and PA mid May to see the granddaughters (and their parents), that will be a nice change of pace, even though it also makes a ding on our budget.  But you have to do what you have to do.  And those little girls make the ding much easier to swallow.

Today Marti had to go to the Police Station.  No, she didn’t do anything wrong, she had to get her fingerprints done for a volunteer position we are looking to get involved with in the future, the organization does construction, like Habitat for Humanity.  The organization requires a background check, which includes fingerprints being sent to the FBI.  Her last two fingerprint cards were rejected by the FBI as unreadable.



The police officer was very nice and we had a fun time, even if Marti had red ink on her fingers after it was done.

Marti is hoping the third time is a charm so she crossed her fingers.


Yesterday, on the way back from the VA hospital, we spotted this strange bird in downtown Columbia, SC.  I’m at a loss as what kind of bird it is, so maybe those bird experts (Judy, Sherry, Nancy, Erin and Karen) can help me out.


I’m really unsure of what this bird is, but it’s kind of hard to miss, it’s about ten feet tall.

         THE END


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Monday, April 22, 2013

Off Like A Dirty Shirt

We had a wonderful time at the Modoc COE campground.  We had dinner with Mike and Terri most every night, we alternated between their RV and our Journey.  Good food and good friends makes for a good time.  I even learned a new culinary technique from Mike.  He showed me how to cut garlic bread with scissors.   It’s all in the wrist.


We took a drive into nearby Augusta, Georgia to explore the River Walk.  The day was warm and sunny.


Saw a strange species of fish there.


The walk actually has two levels, one high and one low.  It is built on a levee to keep the waters away from Augusta during floods.  The walkways are paved beautifully with bricks, with all kinds of flowers planted along the way.


These are Red Toilet Brush flowers that Marti is standing by.


There is a built in sun dial to tell the time.  Marti had to try it out and found it was very accurate.  Take that, Timex!


All along the way are plaques to read explaining different things about the area and its history.  Terri and Marti stopped to read many of them.  It made the walk very interesting.


Across the river, on the South Carolina side are beautiful homes.  We wondered how they’d survive in a flood, because they are not protected much by levees.  I guess if you can afford a house that nice, you can afford the flood insurance premiums…


At one end of the walk is a railroad bridge, with a portion that can be lifted to allow large ships to pass.


Hey, is that a campground on the far side of the bridge?  It must be because it’s by railroad tracks.


The Dogwoods were in bloom.


Azaleas were also popping.  We had lots of them around our house that we enjoyed every Spring.  Do we miss owning a home?  Nope!


There were ducks everywhere enjoying the river water.  Psst!  Don’t  let those guys from Duck Dynasty know.


It was a really enjoyable walk, not like the River Walk in San Antonio, Texas, but beautiful in its own way.

We had to leave on Sunday, but we’ll go back.  Modoc is a great campground.  As sad as it was to pull out and head on down the road, one thing made it worth the trip.


You bet I pulled in and filled my tank.  55 gallons of pure diesel fuel, with non of the bio junk in it.  That makes me a very happy camper!  :c)



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