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Monday, April 15, 2013

A New Day Dawns

Sitting in the same site, day in and day out, time seems to run together.  Sort of like the movie Groundhog Day

We try to keep busy, little things mean a lot and break up the monotony.  A birthday cake for SIL Brian (Yummy!).


We watched Andrew playing soccer.  He’s the tallest kid on the team.


We spent some time exploring the campground pond with the boys.  Here’s Owie, the Turtle Whisperer.


The good news is this is the day we’ve been waiting for.  We pulled out of our spot, hooked up and headed to meet up with Mike and Terri at the J. Strom Thurmond (sorry Sherry) MODOC Corps of Engineers Campground!


It took a while, but the flat spots in the tires finally worked themselves out. ;c)

It was a short distance, only 92 miles, so no PDD symptoms.  We have to stay fairly close to the Columbia, SC Veterans Administration Hospital just in case an unexpected appointment pops up.

We have an amazing site, with a beautiful water view and a little beach where we can launch our Sea Eagle 370 kayak.




Everything looks good for our six day stay.  As long as no trees fall on us, like happened to Bill and Nancy when they stayed here.


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  1. It's nice to get the cob webs off the wheels. Looks like a very nice place to spend some time. I'm sure that it will go by quickly. Hi to Mike and Terri!

  2. Corps parks always seem to be beautiful. Say hi to your hosts for me.

    As for what kind of friend I consider you? How about gold-plated! ;)

  3. We have stayed in only one Corps park, but it was wonderful. We plan to do more. So happy that the PDD did not grab you.

  4. Good to hear you finally got to go someplace new!

  5. Oh you got one of the BEST site!!! That's the one with the trees that don't fall...lucky you:o))

    Say Hi to Mike and Terri. If you get a chance go in to Augusta and check out the River Walk. Also there is a wonderful park off of Evans-to-Lock Rd called something like Augusta Canal Heritage Area or the Savannah Rapids Pavillion...but regardless it is a beautiful park well worth the visit!! Also there is a great Rail to Trail call North Augusta Greenway which is close by and a beautiful ride. We loved that area...have fun!!!

    We can see the Journey smiling from here:o))

  6. So glad you got to get back on the road even if for only 6 days. That's longer than we'll be here actually. Beautiful looking site. But isn't there some nickname for this park? Give Mike & Terri BIG hugs for us and have a GREAT time!!

  7. You are so lucky to be there! I like the looks of your site too :)

  8. Hmmm. That site is so awesome if I didn't know better, I'd think you had an in with management :)
    Have a wonderful time and say hi to Mike and Terri from us too!

  9. What a gorgeous site you have! It's good that you got to do something else other than just hang around .. even though that's important too. Enjoy the time away because eventually you'll have to be back for those appointments. Have fun!!

  10. Good to see that you guys are able to move a bit again. That's a very nice lookiing COE site. The more of them I see, the more of them I want to gravitate toward.
    Safe Travels Again.

  11. Happy Dance that you got to move somewhere. I know how that feels. Beautiful site so enjoy your time there.

  12. Isn't it nice to move to another park, especially one as nice as that one.
    We get antsy after 2-3 weeks in one spot .. like the call of the wild.

  13. Those COE parks are so great the WE even pay to stay in them. Have fun. Keep that boat upright.

  14. Sure is a beautiful site. Fingers crossed that all the trees stay upright.

  15. I don't think I've ever seen a COE park that isn't just beautiful. This one looks especially nice especially your site. Enjoy your stay.

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