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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Trying To Keep Life Interesting

As we sit, instead of traveling down the road to exciting new adventures and exotic places, we have to find things to keep ourselves occupied.  And things that are blog worthy.  That’s quite a trick.

Looking for blog “fodder” to keep our readers interested and coming back has been a challenge.  I try to make things interesting, but I don’t always succeed.

For example, I could go into great detail on Marti’s infected toe and how she has to soak it, but I won’t.


Or, I could tell you how I’m losing my mind over all the paperwork I’ve been dealing with for the Veterans Administration, but I won’t.


Then there was the mad dash to the Post Office to get the VA paperwork mailed before a deadline, but I won’t.


I could write about how all the pollen is slowly changing our silver car to yellow, but I won’t.


Then I could go into detail about how I spent several hours trying to get my SIL’s lawn mower running (bad carburetor), but I won’t.


I even could tell you about two English TV series we’ve been enjoying at night and how the stories are going, but I won’t.


So I decided to put on my best bush hat and set out to take photos of nature all around us.  Judy, Karen, Nancy, Sherry and Erin would be proud to see my pictures.

First off was this really large red headed woodpecker that was pecking up a storm on a nearby tree.  I snuck up and snapped his picture.


He was there, honest!

Next, a little closer to home, I quietly went over to our hummingbird feeder to capture the little hummers feeding.


Really, there were a bunch of them there.  I ‘m not kidding!

Taking a walk around the campground pond, I finally captured an example of a wonder of nature.


Yep, it’s a log with some kind of funny growth on it!

Later, after some careful stalking, I snapped a picture of one of the RV world’s most plentiful birds…the plastic pink flamingo!


With my photographic talent, I’m just waiting the call from National Geographic to join the ranks of their wildlife photographers.

I’ll be sitting here, awaiting their call.  It should come any day now.  :c)


    THE END!


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  1. I think you need to come down and visit me ASAP! However, I'll be blowing this Popsicle stand in 4 sleeps and a wake up. Catch me if you can!!! ;)

  2. You are a man of many talents! Great shot of that "bump on a log."

  3. Oh my goodness - this blog entry had me laughing so loud! ;-) Too funny!

  4. You're the greatest! As one daily blogger to another, we should get medals for doing a blog daily, even in those very quiet, do nothing days. Thanks for writing, it helps us to continue too.

    We hope to see you again soon. We're on the way to Illinois at the moment.

  5. Well, the VA hasn't affected your sense of humor. Just too funny;o))

    I'll really need your help at Cheraw SP to get a photo of the endangered Red-Cockaded Woodpecker!!

    Keep Smiling and Writing...we love both!!

  6. Too funny. You definitely have a talent Mr. Paul.

  7. You did a lot better in the wildlife department than I did today. I couldn't even go outside since the no-see-ums obviously see me and I feel them. So take heart!

  8. I know how you feel, sometimes writing an interesting daily blog can be a challenge but you did a nice job.

  9. Good job Paul. Sometimes there just isn't much "new and exciting stuff" to write about. Hang in there. You'll get moving to new adventures again.

  10. I guess that was smart on your part not to tell folks about all the things you could have. I have trouble writing blogs sometimes too. Right now I'm lucky to take time to read them. It takes more time to write them. You did a good job letting us know what you aren't going to tell us about.

  11. I feel your pain with the birds ... why they just don't understand that we're trying to make them famous by taking their picture is beyond me ;-))) If they would only stand still for the camera fame and fortune could be theirs.

  12. Whew, so glad you got out and took some pix! Tell Marti to tell the pedicure place to cut straight across :)

  13. sure sounds like you have managed to create a blog post out of a whole lot of blogger 'fodder'! good job!

  14. Doing a daily blog can be fun even if write about something silly you still got something down.
    Good work.

  15. It seems like you're waiting for a lot of phone calls lately!

    As least you're keeping busy.

  16. Great post, I had to giggle a bit. I often find myself what to write about as well...Do people really want to know that we did our laundry or went to the grocery store? I think sometimes when you tell people you live full time in your RV, your life is just one big adventure after another. While we have had many great adventures and seen some awesome things...most days are just like living in a sticks and bricks, the scenery just changes.

  17. Now that we're home too, I wanted to thank you for all the great 'blog fodder' ideas - I'll need some. I especially like the 'infected toe'.

    I was planning on a cutting my lawn blog but my neighbour thoughtlessly went and cut my lawn a few days before we got home.

  18. Seriously, Paul, you have way too much time on your hands lately :) Hope everything is taken care of soon so you can go out and not work so hard on your next post :)

  19. Love your humor! Or are you just going stir crazy????

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  21. Yep, good job on the nature photography. I'm sure the job offers will be pouring in.