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Friday, April 19, 2013

Enjoying Our Change Of Pace

Mea Culpa!  I’m certainly guilty of falling behind a bit in my posting, but I have an excuse.  Honest!

We’ve been here at the J.Strom Thurmond Modoc Corps of Engineers campground now for several days and we’ve been really enjoying ourselves.


It is nice and private, all the sites around us our empty.  We’ve been enjoying wonderful weather, and nothing beats being able to sit outside each morning and take in the view of our backyard.

Some mornings it’s bright and sunny.


Other mornings, the mist adds a special flavor to the view.


Our main reason to come here was to visit with Mike and Terri , who are workamping here.  They’ve become our good friends after we met a couple of years ago at an RV Dreams rally.  We’ve gotten to know each other well and we’ve had a blast with them on this visit.


I’m not much of a gaming person, but I’ve been introduced to a couple of new games that I actually enjoyed.   Mike and Terri have been very patient with me as I strove to learn the mysteries of Mexican Train dominos.


With our back yard being right on the water,


we decided to go “yaching” in our Sea Eagle kayaks.


Mike and Terri brought their Sea Eagle over and in no time we were underway.


They  had a little trouble at first, their kayak seemed not to be handling very well, and not because of all the pictures Mike was snapping of our lousy handling as well.


A nearby boat ramp solved their problem.  They had accidently set their boat up with the seats facing backwards.



Ahh, much better!


Of course, I have no excuse for my lousy boat handling skills!

We set off towards an island in the middle of the lake.


Arriving at the island, we were warned off by a Canada Goose, protecting his turf.  He told us off in no uncertain honks.



We eventually paddled our way home and landed on our beachfront property.  The bottom of the water is some kind of clay, and it is sticky.  The clay made quite a mess of our boat, we had to scrub it down really well.  It stuck like glue.  These are my boat shoes after walking out of the water.  You’d think the clay would have washed off in the water.  I had to scrub my shoes, too, to get them clean.


We have two more days to enjoy here before returning to our “home” campground.  I have two VA medical appointments on Monday, so we have to cut our visit short.

Before I wrap up this post I have a special picture for Bill and Nancy.  It’s an old “friend” of theirs. 


It’s the stump of the tree that fell on their motorhome when they stayed here at Modoc some months ago.

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  1. What a great closing picture. Sorry for it and sorry for Bill and Nancy although they weathered it very nicely. That is definitely some campsite you've got there. Great view. Tell Mike that it is amazing how many Sea Eaglers put their seats in backwards. We thought that's what David had done when his boat wanted to go backwards but that wasn't it. I guess it is just hexed. Maybe it needs some glue from the bottom of Strom's lake. Really isn't there another name for that place? Have M&T give you big hugs from us after you give them big hugs from us too.

  2. Yup, been there, done that. Why don't they have arrows pointing to the bow? :) I guess your Sea Eagle probably looks like ours now, all stained with mud :(

  3. how nice that you are getting out and enjoy your new 'yacht'..that canada goose sounded like she was having a 'bad day?'

  4. Looks like you have a wonderful spot and are really enjoying yourselves. Keep having too much fun.

  5. If all it takes to get an appointment at the VA, is to leave town and have a great time, you should try that more often! :)
    Good luck!

  6. You really got one of the best sites!!! We laughed out loud reading about the backwards kayak;o)) Talk to Bruce and Laura about their experience when we were all at Cheraw. Tell Mike and Terri they are keeping good company!! Try a magic eraser to remove the red clay from the Sea Eagle. Oh, thanks for the memories...don't miss the tree through:o))

  7. What a great time with Terri and Mike in the boats! I wish we were there! Have a great trip to the VA.

  8. Great campground ... and looks like fun was being had by all ... sorry you had to cut your trip short, but it's for a good reason. Get your medical appts out of the way and you'll be back on the road soon enough.

  9. Mexican Train is a popular game at our RV Resort but I've resisted learning it so far.

    If I ever had a Kayak, I'd probably just paddle backwards if I put the seats in backwards (which I probably would do).

    I agree with Sherry - what a name for a beautiful park!

  10. We've been looking at Kayaks but thinking we might also want one of those little electric assists (motors). I'm not so sure we could get away with one like yours if we did that. That's on our list for this summer ... well, to try them out.

  11. Carolina Clay...I remember it well! So nice of you to say hello to Stumpy for Bill and Nancy.

  12. That's a beautiful backyard view. Sorry you have to leave it. Good luck with you appointments.

  13. The kayak handled much better once we got turned around... but I'm a bit "backward" anyway! :)

    It was a great afternoon out on the lake, and it has been a great week with both of you so far!

  14. We did that in our sea eagle one time. It was pretty funny. Looks like you guys had a great visit.

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  17. butterbean carpenterApril 22, 2013 at 6:30 PM

    Howdy Chief,
    You can do it; it just doesn't have a wheel to turn the rudder!!! At least y'all aren't trying to paddle backwards!!! That would make it hard to steer!!! When I was in 'the old school', we'd have given $$$ to have that red clay for our baseball diamond instead of the sand & dusty dirt we had, to play on!! Especially the hind-catcher & I was the catcher!!! That is a great looking campsite you have... Now, if you could only stay long enuff to go fishing!!!
    Hope the VA call turns out to be a good one and you get a 'real' doctor to do your eye surgery!!!