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Sunday, October 11, 2020

Alternate Pandemic RV Travel

 Being fairly locked in with the Covid restrictions, I have the Journey sitting patiently in its storage lot awaiting the chance to roll again once this is all over.  But having the travel itch, I fired up my alternate RV and wandered some of the isolated back roads in South Carolina.

Of course along with all my safety gear I wear, I added a new item.

The roads were quite empty as I motored along on a beautiful day.

My destination was a nearby Revolutionary War battlefield National Historic Park in the little town of Ninety Six.  A small town that endured a siege of Colonial forces by British troops.

I learned long ago to find a shady spot to park my motorcycle out of the hot South Carolina sun.  I only like toasted buns made out of bread.  😉

Unfortunately everything was still closed from the pandemic restrictions.  So I wandered around a little bit to see what I could see.  One old building was near the closed visitor center that I could at least view from the outside.

The siege couldn't have been too bad because next to the building they had a pizza oven!

Unfortunately there was no pizza ready for me to eat.

The Colonial forces did have the foresight to have a type of punishment for those people caught without a mask or violating social distancing.

Around the site there were interesting things to see like this small cannon.

I could have walked around and seen more things, but I had made a big mistake.  I recently bought a new pair of motorcycle riding boots.

Silly me, I should have realized they were riding boots, not made for walking. Duoh!.  I need to put a spare pair of sneakers in my motorcycle saddlebag.

After enjoying the nice weather and peace and quiet, I hopped on my trusty stead and headed back to the barn.

Only a trip of 124 miles, hardly PDD levels, but I'm happy to get out and about.

Thankfully this time of year is some of South Carolina's nicest weather, so I'm sure to get a few more rides in.  I'm now checking the maps to see where to go next.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Traveling With My Other RV

The new "Normal" certainly has changed things.  Chances for us to travel in our beloved Journey have been completely wiped out for the time being.  But just recently things here in South Carolina have loosened up a bit and one day each week for the last three weeks I've been able to take a jaunt with my other "RV".

In my town we have an informal group of folks that get together on Tuesdays, meeting at a nearby parking lot and then taking off for a ride on the back roads of South Carolina to a restaurant for a lunch together.  Doesn't matter what type of bike or brand of motorcycle you have, all are welcomed.  Some of the older riders ride three wheeled Harleys.  One of the fellows is 88 years old and it's fun trying to keep up with him.

We're very fortunate that restrictions have loosened up enough that with careful protocols in place we can taste a bit of what used to be normal life.

Even buffets are available with paper plates, plastic forks and plastic gloves handed out to prevent contamination from handling servicing spoons, as well as tables spaced out to follow social distancing guidelines.

These weekly rides are a lot of fun, even with high heat and humidity that's the norm here in South Carolina summers.  It has done me a lot of good to be able to get out of the house and get some fresh air.  I think I need to name my motorcycle "My Sanity".  😁

Thanks for visiting and feel free to leave a comment.

Saturday, May 30, 2020

What is up with new Blogger Format???

Holy smokes, Batman!  I gave the new format a try this morning and it doesn't work.  Couldn't open a new post window and the feed back box wouldn't open either.  I guess the brain trust that came up with this "better" Blogger forgot to make it even work.

Typical new stuff doesn't work even close to the tried and proven old system.  Again.

Oh well, an update about how we've been doing lately.  As I posted before, we were care taking my 98 year old father in our stix and brix home for almost two years.  Sadly, he passed away just before Christmas, peacefully, which we're thankful for.  Marti and I were with him right at the end in the ER where he was being checked for heart pain.  We talked and joked for almost two hours, then he closed his eyes and was gone.  I'm grateful we were with him and he didn't pass alone.

One of my favorite pictures of Dad a couple of years ago, he always was a character and wasn't afraid to have fun.

Now we've dealt with estate issues and have finished getting his house cleaned out and sold, just one messy issue left with his remaining bank account.  Dad had updated his will back in 2016 and gave each one of my siblings a copy but we couldn't find the original, we don't know what he did with it after an exhaustive search.  The bank will not release his funds remaining in his bank account without an original will.  I'm dealing now with a lawyer going through probate.  It's complicated because he was  a NJ resident and the will was drawn up there, but since he stayed with me in SC the last years of his life, it is considered his residency here.  So we're dealing with two state courts to get it settled.  As if one isn't enough.  😵

The Journey sits in our storage lot.  I visit it every couple of weeks and either run the generator under load for a couple of hours or take it for a spin up and down the highway for a good run.  The Corona virus had really put a hold on our plans.  I was going to take the Journey up to the Winnebago factory in June for a replacement of our slides seals, they are leaking and then a cross country trip to CA in July for a family reunion with all our kids and grand kids.  That ain't happening now.

We really were looking forward to it because it's been years since our three kids were together and some of our 9 (!) grand kids have never met in person.  Our daughter, Heather and her two boys lives two miles from us here in SC, our son Corey lives in NJ with two girls and boy and son Ryan lives in CA with his four girls.  Ryan is in the Coast Guard and is stationed out there, since he has moved every 3-4 years it's been hard to get everyone together at one time, and we were tied down with my Dad.   Hopefully next year we'll be able to make it all work.

Marti and I have been busy up until the shutdown with volunteer work at our church and the USO.  We have been very glad for our subscriptions to Netflix and Amazon Prime TV.  We've really been enjoying lots of British shows, some are funny, some have you on the edge of your seat.  Sad we don't have that quality of TV shows in the U.S.

We're well and comfortable and at time miss traveling, but this virus thing will pass.  Hope all is well wherever you may be.