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Monday, April 22, 2013

Off Like A Dirty Shirt

We had a wonderful time at the Modoc COE campground.  We had dinner with Mike and Terri most every night, we alternated between their RV and our Journey.  Good food and good friends makes for a good time.  I even learned a new culinary technique from Mike.  He showed me how to cut garlic bread with scissors.   It’s all in the wrist.


We took a drive into nearby Augusta, Georgia to explore the River Walk.  The day was warm and sunny.


Saw a strange species of fish there.


The walk actually has two levels, one high and one low.  It is built on a levee to keep the waters away from Augusta during floods.  The walkways are paved beautifully with bricks, with all kinds of flowers planted along the way.


These are Red Toilet Brush flowers that Marti is standing by.


There is a built in sun dial to tell the time.  Marti had to try it out and found it was very accurate.  Take that, Timex!


All along the way are plaques to read explaining different things about the area and its history.  Terri and Marti stopped to read many of them.  It made the walk very interesting.


Across the river, on the South Carolina side are beautiful homes.  We wondered how they’d survive in a flood, because they are not protected much by levees.  I guess if you can afford a house that nice, you can afford the flood insurance premiums…


At one end of the walk is a railroad bridge, with a portion that can be lifted to allow large ships to pass.


Hey, is that a campground on the far side of the bridge?  It must be because it’s by railroad tracks.


The Dogwoods were in bloom.


Azaleas were also popping.  We had lots of them around our house that we enjoyed every Spring.  Do we miss owning a home?  Nope!


There were ducks everywhere enjoying the river water.  Psst!  Don’t  let those guys from Duck Dynasty know.


It was a really enjoyable walk, not like the River Walk in San Antonio, Texas, but beautiful in its own way.

We had to leave on Sunday, but we’ll go back.  Modoc is a great campground.  As sad as it was to pull out and head on down the road, one thing made it worth the trip.


You bet I pulled in and filled my tank.  55 gallons of pure diesel fuel, with non of the bio junk in it.  That makes me a very happy camper!  :c)



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  1. It certainly was a GREAT week! And yes, it IS all in the wrist... and I'm all for "the easier, the better" when it comes to cooking! Thanks for visiting, we had a most enjoyable time.

  2. Toilet Brush bush?? You've been grounded too long!!!

  3. Regular gas for $3.09???? Don't come to Florida. Try $3.65 with diesel the comensurate amount more. Looks like a great day with Mike and Terri but what else could happen with 4 terrific people on a lovely spring day.

    I like MODOC better than.............

  4. Glad to see all the fun you had:o)) Can't wait until you get on the road your thoughts on things...Toilet Brush;o)

    Hoping Monday brings you some good news!!!

  5. So, now you can use scissors to cut Garlic Bread. It begs the question - why?????????

  6. I agree. Why in the world would you want to cut garlic bread with scissors? Just open up the drawer and get a knife!!

    Spring sure is a beautiful time of year ... especially when the weather cooperates.

  7. That's a great price for diesel ... and here I thought the 3.73 we found today was good. Train tracks and campgrounds just seem to go together ... but we left the trains behind when we moved to Gulf Shores today ;-)

  8. sure seems like the two of you are making friends where ever you go!! great price on diesel! the price here in our neighbourhood?.. $5.23 a gallon!

  9. We just pulled into the Carlsbad State Beach here in California. We have the same bushes around our site here on our beach site. They are truly beautiful....

  10. I sure miss the dogwoods.

    No bio diesel....what a find!

  11. I never thought of cutting garlic bread with scissors, in all my restaurant years always used a knife, works for me.

  12. LOL...I thought they were called Bottle Brush trees, not Toilet Brush trees.

  13. Toilet Brush trees . . . funny. Love the azaleas and dogwoods. We just have cactus.