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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

We Rolled To An Exotic Location

It was time.  We counted down the days.  We unhooked the Journey from all its hookups and headed on down the highway.  A long trip of 28 miles to our new location and adventure.

We ended up here in an exotic location.  So nice to have a change of scenery!


We’re at the Cummins Coach Care facility in Columbia, SC.


There are three RV parking spaces with 30 amp power.


We set up and settled in to enjoy a quiet (and free) night while awaiting our appointment at 8 am the next morning.


The outside of the building doesn’t look too impressive, but inside, they have some very nice facilities for RVers to use while waiting for their coach to be serviced.

A really comfortable dedicated waiting room for RVers, with TV and free internet access.  Because this facility also works on over the road trucks and tractor trailers, they have a separate waiting room for the truck drivers.  Very nice. :c)


They even have a spot for pets!


Not only do they have clean rest rooms, they even have a laundry room!

The staff has been excellent and very helpful to use as the Journey undergoes some maintenance.  Kit, our service advisor wanted to know if we belonged to the Cummins Power Club.  When I told him I was not because I have a CAT engine in the Journey, he said no problem.  I still was eligible to join, for only $19.95 a year, membership would give me a 10% discount on parts and labor.  Looking at a repair bill over over $1000, I signed up right away.


I’m having the Journey’s annual maintenance done, oil and filter change on the engine, chassis grease and on the generator a major service to include replacement of its fan belt.  The belt has a 1000 hour replacement requirement and I have over 1800 hours on it.

Murphy gives me enough trouble, I’m trying to preempt him on a belt failure.  With my luck, he’d cause it to break in the middle of a hot summer day when I needed to run the air conditioner.

But why, you ask, did I choose to go to a Cummins dealer when I have a CAT engine on a Freightliner chassis?  It is because Cummins is also a Onan dealer and works on the Onan generators all the time.  The techs are certified and all the necessary parts are right on hand.

While other RV repair places can or might be able to do the major service on my generator, I wanted it done by the experts that do this maintenance day in and day out.  In the long run, I feel it is the better route, cheaper and done right the first time because they have all the needed equipment, parts and expertise on hand.

So, what does it take to service a diesel generator on our Winnebago Journey motorhome?  Stay tuned, that’s the next post, and it’s a doozy!

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  1. Must be that time of the year for rig maintenance. The place I go isn't nearly so plush inside. I usually go touring while I wait. Of course, this time I expect to be at Thibodeaux's for over a week. :(

  2. Well, glad to see you are on the move;o)) Not sure about the exotic part, but at least you did roll there!! Enjoy the view!!

  3. Like they say..."an ounce of prevention..."

  4. The thought of your bill scares me.....

    1. Yes, but if I divide the generator maintenance by 84 months it's a little over 12 bucks a month. At least that's what I tell myself to make is sound sweeter...

  5. Nice plan to get to join. Sure will save you over the long run. Diesel engines are not cheap to work on :)

  6. Now you can relax and enjoy the new exotic scenery while they work on the coach:)

  7. I was wishing Winnebago had told me about their club BEFORE I had the work done. 10% on a big bill makes the medicine go down JUST a little better. Holding my breath on how big a bill. Our last trip to Forest City was $2K. OUCH!
    But hey, at least you got to go some place and exotic at that!

  8. Maintenance "ain't" cheap, but necessary.
    After your costs, however, my recent trip to Red Bay seems a lot easier to swallow now.

  9. On our drive from Palm Springs to Pismo Beach today, I kept looking for Mr. Murphy but I never saw him. Makes me think he might be lurking back east somewhere.

    If I were you, I'd hang garlic bulbs throughout your rig until all the maintenance work is done!!

  10. Maintenance need to be done if you want a reliable vehicle, its just all part of home ownership.
    At least you can be confortable while its being done.

  11. We have spent many a nights at the Monaco factory north of Eugene. They have about 12 spots with hookups. Glad to see you decided to head out for another adventure. Hopefully it's not an expensive adventure.

  12. WOW! Your ready for some serious traveling now

  13. Awww -- only 28 miles??? PDD wasn't even revved up by then. ;-)

  14. That is one fancy RV park. Is the pool just around the corner? Ron's been making noises about getting some maintenance done. Never a cheap thing.