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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dancing Shoes

Well, more of a walking cast for Marti. 

Our visit to the orthopedic doctor resulted in positive news for Marti's broken ankle.  It is healing well and now she can shed the wheelchair she's been scooting around her office building in for crutches. 
The best part is she is to start putting some weight on her ankle, a little more each day until she can put all her weight on her foot.  Of course, she has her inflatable walking cast to support the bones as they knit, but it's all good.

The doctor said she will have to continue to wear the cast for the next six or so weeks, which puts us right into our Disney World trip in the Journey.  Marti won't be able to walk all day in the cast around the Magic Kingdom or the other Disney parks, so we will rent a wheel chair to push her around.  She'll be able to get out of the wheelchair and walk on the rides.

When our daughter Heather heard the  good prognosis and the need for a wheel chair she was very happy, but we're not sure she was more glad that Marti's ankle is healing well or with a wheel chair at Disney World, you get to go to the front of the lines waiting for the rides.  ;c)

We're glad things are looking up and Marti will be in Dancing with the Stars in no time.

Now where does one sign an inflatable cast?

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  1. Just don't pop it! Hmm..front of the lines at :)

  2. That is good news. The walking cast may not be stylish, but I am sure is a welcome change!

  3. not quite ballet shoes but close! least Marti can put some weight on it soon!

  4. Well, that is all GREAT news...especially the Disney World Dilemma! Poor things, you have to go to the front of the line;o)

    However, the 6 weeks will take you right up to The Rally...will this mess up DISCO night;o)))

    We're just real glad to hear Marti is on the mend...just be sure to follow Doctors orders. Just don't rush it....Take Care!!


  5. Very Good news indeed. I can't wait to hear about your trip with the Grand Kids, how exciting.

    Take Care
    Brenda Brown

  6. Congrats Marti. I remember the BOOT....blahhh.......BUT it is an inprovement over wheelchair and crutches! Not sure I'd mind being pushed around in Disney World actually.


  7. Glad to hear she's healing well. Wheelchair at Disney, sign me up!! beats the heck out of

  8. Great news on your ankle Marti! And being chauffeured around Disney World (right up to the front of the lines) ain't such a shabby deal!

  9. Heather and I must think alike - going to the front of the lines was the first thing I thought of!

  10. Ok, I'm gonna have to warn you. I had a cast on my arm in the 3rd grade after the sidewalk attacked me, and when that cast came off, not only did my arm smell like a dumpster, but it was A LOT skinnier than the other arm!!! You gonna have a toothpick for a leg if they leave that boot on another 6 weeks, woman!
    :) Missed you guys!