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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Drip Drip

Thursday was the final day to load up all the Christmas trees for recycling.  I spent another five hours dragging trees to the trucks to be loaded in and hauled away.  I was glad the younger park rangers were there to do the heavy lifting because I have to be very careful of my back and shoulder.  It was great to see that last load pull out of the school yard where the trees were collected.


After all the remaining loose branches and discarded bulbs and lights were raked up (yes, some trees were dumped with decorations still on them) and bagged up in trash bags, the task was done, leaving the school grounds looking clean and neat. 

Today (Sunday) Marti and I drove past the school and there were dumped at least another dozen or so trees on the ground.  I can’t believe that people would do that after the advertising of the program in the newspapers and on the local TV stations specifically gave the dates and the drop off date ended on 7 January!  Now the rangers will have to go back and pick up these trees. 

Unbelievable, but then I shouldn’t be surprised after all the trash we see left around the campgrounds and boat ramps. Last week when Marti and I went around to the ramps to remove the tape that closed off the flooded areas, we filled another trash bag with bottles, cans and garbage left there by the thoughtless few that have no respect for our beautiful countryside.


Saturday brought some really heavy rains and high winds.  After our busy week, we enjoyed hunkering down and relaxing inside the Journey.


Glad we were home with all the rain because that pesky leak in my passenger side slide returned.  We’ve fought with this leak for quite a while and it snuck back, but in a slightly different spot and was dripping down on the couch.  Had we not been home, the couch would have gotten soaked.  I was able to stuff paper towels along the inside edge of the slide to absorb some of the water, having to change them out every 15-20 minutes.


To make sure the couch stayed dry (just in case) we put down some blankets and my raincoat to catch any errant drops.


Once some nicer, warmer weather hits, I’ll have to go up on the roof and see if I can find the leak source.  We’re planning on going to the Winnebago Factory in Forest City, Iowa in early April to have our inverter problem worked on, I think I’ll add this leak to the list.  Water intrusion can really cause severe damage to an RV and I don’t want that to happen. 

According to the weather reports, we have another cold front heading our way.  It isn’t supposed to be quite as cold as last week’s blast, but we will be ready for it.  I have to see if I can find higher wattage light bulbs for my drop lights that I have set up in my wet bays. 


I have 60 watt bulbs in them and 75 watt bulbs would be better.  Since that size bulb is no longer manufactured, being replaced by the energy saving florescent bulbs that give off no heat, I may have quite a time finding them.

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I’m sure when I do find them, they’ll cost an arm and maybe two legs.  I foresee a black market in smuggled light bulbs.  ;c)


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  1. Walmart here had tons of them, cheap, guess they are trying to get rid of their stock. Check there.

  2. Boy, this has been a strange winter weather-wise. Rain and cold sure is not a pretty picture. Hope you beat both those beasts and keep the motorhome safe and sound!!

  3. I think you'll find that you'll have a higher awareness of trash in your travels after having to spend time picking up litter. I know I did. So far I haven't had any leaks in the rig, but you gave me an idea about visiting Winnebago on my way north this spring. Where are you headed for after Forest City?

    1. We are going down to outside of St. Louis to visit our son's family. Yep, another granddaughter on the way mid to end of April. :c)

      You can make an appointment with WB in advance or just show up and they'll squeeze you in but limit you then to only 3 repairs. They have FHU sites at the factory repair center and the tour of the factory is free and quite something to see.


  4. Be sure to get ice cream at Scoopy Doos in Forest city if you visit Winnebago. :-) Seriously best to make an appointment. Sorry you have reason to have to go there. Are you SURE the VA is going to let you loose by then? That's just over two months away. What in the world will Strom do without you two?

  5. We've seen lots of 'regular' light bulbs at the Dollar Store too. Rain, rain, go away!

  6. Have you considered a small electric heater in your wet bay? We have heat in our Tiffin Bus, but in very cold weather, say 4 degrees, we add the heater and it does the trick.

  7. Littering is one of my hot buttons - no reason for it.

    Better be careful, the light bulb police may stage a raid on the Journey.

  8. Litter & trash is one of the things that sets me off as well. I find the closer a site is to a town or city the worse the trash problem is. And it seems wherever one goes there is broken glass. It is always such a disappointment to see how irresponsible some people can truly be. I carry a rake & shovel in our RV for cleaning up campsites,,,,,,,,,,,

  9. When we hosted last year at High Cliff, they handed out trash picker devices to any one who wanted to pick up trash. Our grandkids LOVED the task, so we kept em busy. Shhhh I kept one picker device in our rig to keep picking up trash wherever we go. The handle was broke and Steve fixed it.

    We use a small ceramic cube heater in our water bay on very cold nights. It's thermostatic so kicks on and off as needed.

    Karen and Steve
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  10. I want to know what you retired for? You seem to be working all the time. It's time both of you thought about a little vacation. Don't you think?

  11. January 13, 2014

    I have been using a 300 watt personal heater I purchased at Walmart in the wet bay.


  12. Trash in nature ... a hotspot with me for sure. Hope you find that leak.

  13. Hate dealing with slide leaks! Hope you find yours quickly. Hate trash(ers) too!
    Maybe you could change out your light socket to accommodate all those halogen bulbs we now don't need after going LCD :) They throw off plenty of heat!

  14. about using some really big candles in your wet bay??

    Nothing worse than annoying, impossible to find water leaks. The Winnebago guys should be able to figure it out though. Keep all your pictures to show them!

  15. Hope you get that leak fixed soon can do major damage as you well know.

  16. That kind of water leak is definitely not good. Lets hope the factory can repair it:)

  17. Bummer that your leak returned, especially now when the rain just won't go away!

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