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Thursday, February 19, 2015

Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

I didn’t know that Murphy was related to Jack Frost and Old Man Winter.  A combination of all three of them has put a stop to our travel plans.

I could use a little bit of that Global Warming we’re promised right about now.  16 degrees F last night, now at 3 pm, it’s just ticked over 30.  Not too cold you say?  Well, with the wind whipping at better than 30 knots, it’s positively frigid.  Or too cold for my old bones.

I have a few maintenance items and things I need to stow away on the Journey before we head out for a brief 10 days in sunny and warm (?) Florida.  Not going to happen today, maybe the wind will let up a bit (as promised by the weather guessers) so I can get everything taken care of tomorrow for a Saturday launch.

We’re running down to Crestview, FL to change our residency from South Dakota as well as our mailing service.  Seems out current mail service has been sold and renamed, as well as moving a couple of blocks down the street requiring us to put in a change of address.  Since they’ve messed up our mail several times over the last couple of years, we’re pulling the plug on them. 

Nothing better than opening up your mail packet and finding someone else’s mail.  Then having to wait for your mail to be returned to the mail center by the other person who received it in error and then be sent to you.  Late. 

Or sending in a mail request as to where you want your mail sent and it never gets there, because it was never sent in the first place.  Then mail that gets to the mail center like clockwork that gets remailed to you late, such as Christmas cards and other mail postmarked in early December and it shows up in your end of January mail shipment.  I could go on, but you get the drift.

While we’re in Florida, we need to get a window fixed on the Journey’s entry door.  It’s a dual pane window which has lost its seal and is fogging up.  There’s a place that will repair the window and guarantee it for 10 years saving us more than $500 over replacing it with new glass.

The best part is I’ll be seeing the road with 20-15 vision in both eyes.  My latest cataract surgery has been a big success, now all I need is some reading glasses, a real life change for me.  I’ve been wearing glasses fulltime for almost 40 years.  Now I can get some sexy, fancy sun glasses, something I’ve never been able to do before.  I’ll be stylin’…

I do have to have a follow up in 3 weeks, because when I had my right eye done and a subsequent retina detachment resulting in two emergency surgeries, they eye doc wants to make sure all is well in the newly fixed left eye.  I’m at a higher risk for retina troubles because of the past (not fun) episodes.  If all checks out and there is no expectation of troubles, I’m good for another 3 months. 

Now we have to drag out maps and actually be able to plan some travels and new destinations to visit.  There actually is another cruise on the horizon, too, this time with Royal Caribbean the end of April.

If the ocean has thawed out by then…  :c)

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  1. Beautiful sunshine out this way. You know - just sayin'. Even some beautiful clouds today to keep it from getting too hot. That is great news about your eyes. Hope the left one cooperates better than the right one did. Good luck getting to Florida.

  2. Regular mail is pretty much obsolete. The faster they make it totally obsolete, the better.

    Congrats on your successful eye surgery!

  3. Have to say I'm very happy with California weather these days. We never had any problems with Alternative, but when they told us to change addresses we figured it was time to move :)

  4. Global Warming is such a misnomer. It's Climate Chaos bringing us these wonderful temperatures. 32 in VERY south Florida tonight so I hope you'll be bringing the warm weather with you. I don't think you'll find it in Crestview. We have had ZERO troubles with MyRVMail. I think you'll like it. I am just SO SO SO envious of your new eyesight.

  5. You actually get mail?.
    Not much for us other than a couple magazines.
    Will be nice to get back on the road again and enjoy some warmer weather, wish we could go with you.

  6. Weather here in the Florida panhandle is warming up fast in the next few days! If you have time maybe we can get together while you are here:)

  7. Glad your eye surgeries worked out well! Ohhh not so sure Florida is so warm this week.. perhaps when you get there it will warm up?

  8. We'll be your neighbors in Crestview! We've never been there - did all the signups over the internet with emails and phone calls for questions. Crestview hasn't been on our routes since we joined in June of 2014. But we do hope to visit there someday. So far, we've been very happy with their service.

    Good luck with your travels. We're currently in Clermont, FL, but will be heading further north on Monday.

    Selene & Hank

  9. Welcome to the neighborhood! We moved to Crestview last March and are very happy with that decision. I doubt you'll find it very warm there though :)

  10. Welcome to the neighborhood! We moved to Crestview last March and are very happy with that decision. I doubt you'll find it very warm there though :)

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