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Monday, August 10, 2015

How'd We Get So Busy?

So much for a peaceful time here in New Jersey.  It seems we've been busier than a no-armed paper hanger.  But that's what we like to do and why we travel.  So much fun connecting with old friends as well as spending time with Anabelle and Lizzie.

They came and spent the night with us last week.  We had a good time and spent a few hours in the campground pool.  They can't wait to come back again to Mimi and Pa's "house". 

The campground here at the Earle Navy base is really nice, it's small, but roomy.

One of the benefits here, along with nice sites and free WiFi is you are allowed to wash your rig.  I took advantage of that the other day and got up on the roof.  It gets pretty dirty and you waste your time washing the sides of your rig if you don't do the roof first, dirt will just wash down the clean sides.

It doesn't look too dirty, until you see this view:

Much better now.

While I was scrubbing the roof, several campers said I could come over and do theirs when I was done.  I told them I'd be glad to if they'd pay my fee: $100/foot.  Suddenly they changed their minds, strange, huh?  ;c)
While up on the roof, I inspected all my caulking, too.  Everything looked fine.

Now I have to wash the sides of the Journey, but I'll save that for another day.  I don't want to rush it and have nothing left to do...   :cD

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  1. Just got our coach and roof plus the car all washed and waxed, looks much better now too.
    Ya did a great job.

  2. Oh I think it's definitely time for ours too, but no washing here :)

  3. Us too, time but no washing. Those military famcamps are just so nice. Your journey's dirty roof looks sparkling compared to poor Winnona.

  4. $100/foot? My, my, I'm in for an expensive treat......some day. ;)

  5. Glad you are enjoying your time in New Jersey and were able to get the Journey cleaned up!! But the BIG question I have is.... Are the JERSEY TOMATOES ripe yet??? If they are...when will you be returning to South Carolina and how many can you bring with you?!?!???

  6. Paul that's the ugliest colored sealant I've ever seen.

    1. Well, it was bright white when I put it on a couple of years ago. You should have seen it before I washed it! ;c)

  7. I've never understood the need for total strangers to say, whenever they see you doing something that they should get off their lazy asses and do themselves, "Hey, wanna come over and do mine?" I have been known to say, "You can't afford me", which is somewhat similar to your response.
    Of course, since I plan on living here for a time, I've never offered what has ACTUALLY crossed my mind, which is, "Why da Fark would I want to come to your place and do your work for you, you lazy ba...".
    Well, you get the idea.
    Just make sure you're mighty careful up there. A fall could be your last.

  8. I know exactly what you mean about being busy. However, slowing down isn't an option either. Of course, I'm sure you realize when all your fellow campers ask you to come over and wash their rig, it's just a way to open up a conversation and be friendly.

  9. At least you've been doing a lot of visiting; we haven't, and yet it still feels like the year has flown by.

  10. We found a really nice car wash outside Dillon, MT that had cat walks on both sides so you could clean the roof. Granted the job wasn't nearly as good as what you've done, it worked and I didn't have to climb up there.

  11. Even I would consider washing it at $100 a foot. What do you use? It looks great!

  12. Even I would consider washing it at $100 a foot. What do you use? It looks great!