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Monday, September 21, 2015

"Home" Again

We left New Jersey and granddaughters Anabelle and Lizzie behind as we hit the road for our 785 mile trip to our winter "home":  J Strom Thurmond Corps of Engineers Project in Clarks Hill, South Carolina.

I didn't leave behind our motorcycle, though.  Many wonderful country roads exist all around Thurmond Lake, and I often thought what a great place it would be to ride a motorcycle.  Now that thought will become reality.  Don't worry, I'll be very careful, with all the bright yellow safety gear I ride in, I look like a giant Minion.

I rented a U-Haul trailer to carry the motorcycle and pulled it behind the Journey.  Marti followed, driving our car.

I missed having her by my side in the Journey, but at least she didn't have to hear that annoying alarm whistle caused by the defective wiring harness in the dashboard.  I found that if I kept listening to some Carpenter's CDs loud enough, Karen's voice pretty much drowned the noise out.  Now if I can just get her songs out of my head when I try to sleep at night...   ;c)

We did the drive in an unusually leisurely pace for us, taking all of three days.  We overnighted in two Flying Js, one in PA and one in NC.  Good thing we stopped early in PA the first day, all the RV slots had been taken up by bobtail trucks (tractor trailers without their trailer attached).

Fortunately, we found a spot along the edge of the parking lot.
On the third day, we arrived and settled in to our spot at the COE's Volunteer Village.  We'll be here for an open ended time over the winter months doing all kinds of volunteer work, which we enjoy.
As an added bonus, we're just a little over an hour away from our two grandsons, Andrew and Owen.  We're looking forward to seeing them, it's been a while.  Fulltime RV life is good.   :c)
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  1. Enjoy your time there and the motorcycle too.

  2. Sure hope you have an appointment for that harness. I don't know how you do it. Marti got the best end of that deal for sure. Enjoy your South Carolina winter. We'll be looking to read all about it.

    1. I did get an appointment with the Freightliner Factory Service Center in nearby Gaffney, SC. Looks like just one more trip with that whistle going off. :c)

  3. It's a perfect place to rest while you do some work for them. Hopefully we'll see you sometime after Amazon for a bit.

  4. Maybe you can do some park patrols on that two wheeler.

  5. I think you just went 'home' to get ready for your next cruise!

  6. Welcome Home!!! I think we felt the earth shift as you crossed the state line;o)) Enjoy you stay and maybe we will cross paths:o)

  7. I love your site on the water. What a nice place to spend a while. Now it's time to stop having fun and get to work.

  8. I hear you with the songs getting stuck in your head. In my case they're usually stupid ones where I only know a line or two. Welcome back to your winter home.

  9. I hear you with the songs getting stuck in your head. In my case they're usually stupid ones where I only know a line or two. Welcome back to your winter home.

  10. Looks like you're getting settled in. Say "HI" to everyone for us. We'll see you in a few months.

  11. you are just beginning your 'working gig' and ours is done!
    don't work too hard!!!

  12. Being ashore again will at least take care of the web foot thing you had going. Enjoy the stop, what a pretty place.