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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Favorite RVer

Oh yes, that wonderful time of year when you find yourself scratching your head for gift ideas for all your RV friends.  Look no further, I've compiled a list of gifts that will endear you to your friends the whole year through.

Send your friends back in time to their happy childhood with this adult sized Big Wheel trike.  Think how much fun they'll have tearing through the campground on this baby.  Available in multiple colors.

Every RVers nightmare, those pesky little ants that show up inside their rigs getting into all the foodstuffs.  Here is a chance to get even and get back at those ants with Ant Candy.  Show them what it's like to put the bite on them!

Speaking of bite, for the RV friend that can't get enough of spicy foods, how about this delicious treat?  Tabasco Chocolate. 


For the RVer who is looking for a better kick from their PDD long driving day in their coffee or hot chocolate.  Nothing better than a caffeinated marshmallow, a sweet pick-me-up!

The answer for the conflicted RVer, who can't decide whether to have something sweet, or bacon.  How about  Bacon Candy Canes?  After all, everything tastes better with bacon.
Star Wars Fan?  Be part of the fun with your very own Princess Leia Hat!   You'll be stylin' when you show up for the new Star Wars movie wearing this cap!
Too many PDD driving days without a stop to do laundry?  Warn your friends when they come over to your RV for Happy Hour with the Toxic Laundry Basket.
How about this remote controlled Flying Fish for those RVers that have never seen one in real life?  Especially good for RVers that are retired airline pilots and are avid fishermen.
Do you know an RVer wintering in warm, sunny Florida that is missing the snow back home?  With a little water, they can have Instant Snow to sooth those fond memories of driving in and shoveling it.
Lastly, for that RV friend who constantly emails you about how you've misspelled words and twisted grammar in your RV Blog.  Their very own Grammar Police t-shirt.  After all, why not let them show off their grasp of the English language?
Hope you've enjoyed these great gift ideas.  Merry Christmas to all!


  1. Lol...not much going on over there in South Carolina, is there?

  2. I don't dare show Jim the flying fish. He hasn't been able to go fishing or flying for so long he's not even having withdrawal.

  3. I don't dare show Jim the flying fish. He hasn't been able to go fishing or flying for so long he's not even having withdrawal.

  4. I bet George would like the Tabasco chocolate :)

  5. Very creative list Paul. But Ant Candy? Really? Real ants and someone actually eats them?

  6. This George loves the Tabasco Chocolate, even had some from the Factory last year.

  7. I am with Kevin, I was wondering just how much spare time you have:))

    1. Be thankful I don't regal you with how to paint a picnic table with brush strokes that would make Michelangelo jealous... :cP

  8. It is so wonderful to have our very own Holiday Shopper!!!

    What would we do without you??? :o))))

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

  9. I'm not so sorry any of these gifts would thrill me. However, you could always send me a gift card and let me do my own shopping.

  10. You better get back to work, you obviously have way too much time on your

  11. Wonder if the tobasco chocolate is anything like the jalapeno stuff they have out here. Yum!!