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Friday, March 4, 2016

The Battle Lines Are Drawn

Living in our Journey is very nice, with all the comforts we could possibly want (except a dishwasher, I have to stand in for that).  Sometimes, though, little things annoy us, like bugs.

We've carried on fights to get rid of stink bugs, palmetto bugs and most recently lady bugs that have wanted to share the good life with us.  It took a while, but we overcame them and ended up victorious.

The other night I was up reading in the wee hours, a book on my Kindle I just couldn't put down.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw some movement.  Another palmetto bug?  Nope, it appeared too big and moved too fast to be that.  What was it, my imagination?

We got a positive answer the next morning when Marti found bunches of torn toilet paper in a pile in one of the three drawers under the bathroom sink.  Evidently whatever had built that pile had pilfered the paper from extra rolls kept in the bottom drawer.

Yep, using my investigator talents, I came to the conclusion we've been invaded by mice!  Telling Marti the results of my poking around resulted in her practically jumping into my arms and clinging to my neck like a second skin.  For some reason, she's terrified of the little buggers.

We went off to the store and armed ourselves to the teeth with anti mouse products.

Placing the devices strategically around the Journey resulted this morning in:  Mice - 0, Me - 2.
Looking around I found they sneaked in through the wet bay, climbing in through the hole around the sewer hose.  I rectified that highway with some steel wool.
After cleaning out the nest in the bathroom drawer before heading out this morning, coming home this afternoon revealed the start of another nest.  The war isn't over yet, but I'm sure we'll get them all.  With fresh traps out and the entrance sealed, the mice's time is limited.
And Marti won't have to sleep with one eye open.   ;c)
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  1. The downside of living by the beautiful lake. Hopefully Mickey or Minnie will hit the trap soon :)

  2. OH do I hate mice. One of the reasons I'm glad we don't stay anywhere more than about 2 weeks or so. Of course they could move in then too if they wanted. Just make sure they are NOT Mickey and Minnie when you set those traps. We have a date with them in April.

  3. Years ago someone told me about Victor Sonic Rodent Repellers. When the trailer gets stored we sometimes have visitors but when we plug into shore power we've actually watched them run the other way. We bought a four pack putting one in each room and in the basement. Best part is they don't bother cats or dogs.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. I'm with Marty on the mice thing. I can deal with spiders and snakes but I hate mice! They almost ended our rving dream a month in. I feel bad that Steve had to put up with me and catch the mice.

  5. I don't think mice would live long with us, but I don't want to find out.

  6. We only had them once9 years ago and as soon as we headed on down the road he jumped ship never to be heard from again.
    Good luck with your hunt.

  7. We had our first ever mouse this winter. Bill found it in a storage bay that had a roll of paper towels. It had shredded the paper towels to make a nest and he found two baby mice in the nest. He removed the nest and the babies and we set two traps. Haven't caught anything yet, but haven't seen any evidence that the critter is still with us...but we are watching;o))

  8. We had been battling mice too. I think we've finally won. We tried the traps and the glue traps but still found evidence of those little creatures. Then, we got mean. I think we've won but only time will tell. Lots of luck with your hitchhikers.

  9. Knock on wood ... we have not been invaded since the last episode a few years ago. I'm with Marti on my feeling about having the critters in the rig ... I much prefer to see them where they belong ... outdoors.

  10. I hear people tell of mice problems all the time. I think it's too hot here for them.

  11. I hear people tell of mice problems all the time. I think it's too hot here for them.

  12. I tried those glue traps once. What I ended up with was a bunch of bald mice still scrounging around. :(

  13. Ack! Been there and done that! Couple of helpers we learned:

    Fresh Cab placed in areas where they run. You can find those by the droppings. Amazon carries it and has some pretty good deals.

    We used the old, wooden style traps. For mice, chunky peanut butter as bait worked best (for rats it was trail mix). One trap in the wet bay, one where our water tank drain was and 2 in the kitchen area.

    If you catch one, set again cause you WILL catch at least one more. Good luck, take no prisoners.

  14. We have had mice twice-what a pain! Now we leave some bait around in out of the way spots all the time.

  15. I would avoid the glue traps. Mice sometimes leave behind "parts" behind, which is a pretty icky find. We use a combination of enclosed kill traps (dead mouse in a box easily dumped) and Decon around our house and camper. Decon not an option if you have pets, but if not, fast and easy and generally gets the entire bunch (where there is one, there are more) quickly. No odor either.
    Steel wool a great tool too! But make sure to search RV after about a week, as they cannot digest.
    Good Luck!

  16. Peanut butter works pretty good. Be careful of the fingers, but at least you know how sensitive they are. :)