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Monday, May 9, 2016

Back To Work

Carefully, I promise.  The doctor said I could go back to resuming some light duty tasks and it felt good to be out and about.  No heavy lifting, no digging ditches, no running (like I would anyway) and other orders to follow.

I'm feeling much better, every day has more healing progress than the day before.  I still am struggling to get handling Krakatoa down to a science.  Thank goodness Marti is patient and so very helpful.  I look forward to the latter part of summer when I return to the hospital for the reversal operation with mixed feelings, happy to get this over with and dreading being in the hospital hooked up to all kinds of bags, hoses, wires and other medical monitoring devices.  Frankenstein didn't have half of those things and look how good he turned out.   ;c)

So today Marti and I traveled around to many of the COE's day use areas to inspect and restock the life jacket loaner boards.

At the end of a busy weekend the life jackets are not always put back on the boards correctly.  Sometimes we have to pick them up from where they were dropped.

We clean them off and inspect them before rehanging them.  Straps are examined,

as well as the plastic buckles to ensure they are functional.

Then if all is good, we rehang the lifejackets for the next person to use.  People are more likely to use a clean and neat life jacket, so we make sure that is the way the are put up.

We carry extra life jackets with us because we will come across one or two that are no longer serviceable, we label the new jacket with a marker for the user to please return and destroy and trash the unserviceable jacket.

The life jackets are donated by local businesses and organizations promoting water safety.  We don't mind picking jackets up off the beach and cleaning them up, it shows they are being used and that is the whole idea behind the program.  There are about 14 loaner boards all around Thurmond Lake so it takes a couple of days to drive around and get the jackets back in service.

I was glad to be out, enjoying the beautiful day and feeling useful again, all the while following the doctor's orders.

Across the water from our campsite lives an albino deer,  We've seen it several times in the evenings while we site outside the Journey relaxing.  I wish I had a better camera to zoom in on it.  It is a wonder of nature to see.

Since it lives in one of the campgrounds, it will be safe from hunters.  We're happy about that.

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  1. Nice to hear about your health is getting improved.Life jacket is very much useful for the tourists who comes for a visit.
    It would have been along work for you to collect the jackets from everywhere and check all the qualities in them.

  2. Nice that you are out and about again. Glad you are healing well.

  3. Great to read that you are out and about and hear your happy voice. Wish I were able to loan you my camera to get a picture of that rare deer. Life is short buy a Canon sx50. :-) Or maybe it's a 60 or 70 now

  4. Great to read that you are out and about and hear your happy voice. Wish I were able to loan you my camera to get a picture of that rare deer. Life is short buy a Canon sx50. :-) Or maybe it's a 60 or 70 now

  5. If you were closer, you could borrow my 600 mm lens. ;)

  6. So glad to hear you are out and about. Feels good to be useful again and not cooped up in the Journey! I don't remember that albino deer when we were there, cool!

  7. Well alrighty ;o)) So good to hear you are out and about and following Doctor's orders!! Just being outside and enjoying nature has so many healing benefits. Add to that the fact that you are doing something that will improve things for others!!

    Never even heard about Albino Deer let alone see cool is that!!!!

  8. I am sure keeping busy is good medicine:) And checking life-jackets is very important to some of us!

  9. Glad to see you were able to get outside and enjoy the beautiful day. I wish you had a better camera too. :) I would love to see a albino deer.

  10. That's good news. It's nice to know you're out working and staying out of trouble at the same time. I bet you were getting a little stir crazy looking at four walls. Good for you and now keep healing.

  11. So glad you're feeling better, but I hope you're not doing too much too fast. Be cautious, big guy.