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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Finding Balance

Since we've moved in to our "Home Base", we've had to put the Journey into a storage lot.

Poor thing looks so sad there, but we visit it several times a week to slowly move items we're going to use in the house.  But one thing we've been adamant about is that we are going to leave enough items and clothing aboard so we can take off at a moments notice and not need to buy or bring anything other than food to roll down the road.   Of course, sometimes this makes for some comedic moments with us.

Marti:  "What do you want to make for dinner?"
Paul:   "How about a nice roast in the crock pot?"

A few moments of silence between us, until it dawns on us both that we don't have a crock pot in the house. Yet.  Off to Walmart for a crockpot.

Paul:    "I hope you like the home made chicken soup I've made."
Marti:  "I'm sure it will be good, pass me the ladle so I can put some in my bowl."

Another few moments of silence until we realize we don't have a ladle.  Yet.  After using a soup spoon to get the soup into bowls, we eat it and then, once again head to Walmart for a ladle.

We are getting there, the house is almost completely furnished with mostly all the necessities now and with a bunch of stuff removed from the Journey, I'd swear it is sitting a couple of inches higher on the suspension air bags.

Some things have returned to us from storage at our daughter's house that we chose to leave behind most of the time.  Here are the "Tadpoles" in our garage awaiting a little TLC so to be ready for Key West where they'll come in real handy.

It's not been all work, though. Being close to our grandsons Andrew and Owen, we have had the time to build the two mini bikes I bought them.  They've taken to them very well and are enjoying riding and working on them.  Never too young to learn to turn a wrench.

I another week or so, the construction of all the houses should be complete, the work trucks and dumpsters will go away and I can bring the Journey down to the house for a day to wash it, unload a few more things and winterize the water system.  It's been six years (!) since I last winterized it and I hope I remember how to do it.  Just because we are not living in the Journey 24/7 right now doesn't mean I won't take care of it as much.  We intend on keeping it and enjoying travels with it for a long, long time.  :c)

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  1. Nice that you are getting all set up again, now you need 2 of everything :<)

  2. Wow, six years. I remember when you first set out.

    Hey, kinda cool to see the Romanian flag on your little side traffic feed!

  3. Yep--we are presently on a short motorhome trip and it was so much easier to load this time after I insisted on stocking it with all the necessities--all we needed to load was clothes and food. It is cool you are teaching your grandson's how to fix things!

  4. I can't believe how big those boys have grown over these years. I too remember when you were painting, painting, painting to sell your house and get on the road. Life is a circle.

  5. And a wonderful six years they have been. You have great new adventures ahead of you and I'm glad the Journey are a part of them.

  6. And a wonderful six years they have been. You have great new adventures ahead of you and I'm glad the Journey are a part of them.

  7. Those conversations sound familiar ... but in reverse before we started full timing.

  8. Smart move to keep The Journey road ready. That is one of the big advantages of RV travel...never having to pack or unpack:o))) You will find the right balance and now have two lifestyles to enjoy!!! Hope the winds have died down by the time you get to Key West. Had the windiest season ever this year. But it still is wonderful in The Keys!!!

  9. I understand exactly. We've had to purchase duplicates. Sometimes it's hard to remember where what is. I'm sure you'll have a wonderful time splitting your outings between the house and the motorhome.

  10. NO coffee cups to use as a ladle?

  11. We have developed a system of packing and storage in the house and motorhome that allows us to completely load the RV for a trip in under two hours. Oh yes, and the very important checklist to make sure we got it right:)

  12. Glad you are finally in your house and snug as a bug! I bet the COE will miss you, as well as the rest of the gang.

  13. So glad to hear you are settled in your new home. I hope you are healing well from your last surgery. You think you have problems try having two houses and and RV lol. We have to much stuff.

  14. Settling into a new home has its challenges. Happy to hear you have nestled in nicely. Thanks for the share.