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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Armadillos In Amarillo?

The answer is, uh, maybe.  We didn't see any flat ones along the road today, in fact we didn't see any live ones either, so maybe.

With that out of the way, we're overnighting at a Flying J in New Mexico.  We heard their chicken wings calling us.  Road food we've come to love over the years.  The fact that we needed to fuel the Journey also weighed in on our choice of stopovers.  We'll use the dump station in the morning.

403 miles driven today, looks like I'm backsliding in my plan to drive shorter days.  Can't help it, I like to drive.  An earlier start must be to blame.  ;c)

The last time I drove through Texas some years ago, the landscape was covered with oil well pumping stations.  Now there is hardly one to be seen in the panhandle.  Instead, there is a new crop.  Giant windmills.  Everywhere you look.  Energy from a different source.  The farmers who lease the land the windmills are on must be enjoying their "windfall".

What's that up in front of us, a Prevost popping a wheelie?

Nope, it's being towed by a huge tow truck.  Nice to know that even big dollar RVs can break down like the rest of us.  Gremlins have no qualms about attacking even the costliest rigs.

Then there is that odor you smell miles before you see it, the cattle stockyards.  Enough to clear out even the stuffiest nose.  Glad I'm not riding my motorcycle!

It's been interesting to see the variety of prices on the diesel fuel we use.  Usually the cheapest price is either in a station too small to get into or we come upon it after we've filled the tank a bit back down the road.  Gas Buddy may tell you where the best deals are, but I don't want to bend the basement doors on the Journey trying to squeeze into a station to save a few cents.  Body work can wipe out any savings, so I'll gladly spend a few bucks more to avoid bodyshops.

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  1. Ahhh the U.S. through the Journey windows. Texas seems to go on forever!

  2. We have driven those roads many times and the wind turbines just keep popping up everywhere . It is pretty easy to put on 400 miles going through parts of Texas. We like to plan our trips with the Flying J route planner on there website makes fuelling much easier.

  3. You and the Cowboy have the same mindset--he likes to drive and as we usually get an early start, he sees no reason to stop at 2pm--so we drive, 400-500 miles a day usually!

  4. Like Janna said stopping at 2pm doesn't sound right. Now if you are stopping for supper that's a good time to call it a day.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. ....bending the basement doors? I thought you were talking to me for a second. I'm with you, pay a few cents more and be able to easily get in and out of the station.

  6. Boy are you right about the best prices always being in a station you can't get into. Even Pilot and Flying J don't make it easy for gas RVs. You diesel guys have it easy there but it isn't often they have a separate RV lane for gas. They always put those pumps right in front of the store with sketchy clearance for turning. Glad to hear TX is getting smart at least in one way. Safe travels.

  7. Hard to imagine the Panhandle without oil rigs. If you're looking for good prices on fuel, you're heading in the wrong direction. It isn't cheap in California.