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Friday, August 4, 2017

Slow Going On The Back

Rome wasn't built in a day.   It seems my quest to get my back...back is going to take just as long as the Rome build.

After trying to get help through the VA Hospital and not getting any satisfaction on the glacial pace that they work, I went on the outside to our family doctor.  That, at least, sped things up a little bit.

I'm now waiting for my appointment with a neurosurgeon my doctor recommended, and the earliest I could get is for September 13th.  My doctor put me on this track right away recognizing that my back issue is quite serious.  As for the VA, they wanted me to go to a pain clinic and a physical therapy route, never mentioning a neurosurgeon's review of my MRI.

The funny thing (NOT!) with the VA is the earliest appointments I could get if I took that route was for the last week in October.  That's a long time to be hurting.

So I'm taking it easy, I have some meds to help me along.  I still get around okay and am able to drive short distances and even continue to volunteer at the nearby USO a couple of hours a week to have something to look forward to and get out of the house.

It's very rewarding to help some of these young kids who have stepped up to begin their military career at basic training at the local Army base as well as a chance to exchange "War Stories" with some of the more senior military folks that stop in for a rest, a snack or two and a hot cup of coffee.  My fellow volunteers are a great bunch to work with and the three full time ladies that run this USO are nothing short of amazing, they put their heart and souls into it.

Sadly, the Journey still resides in the storage lot with the bugs and road grime from our California trip.  I'm hoping that once the old back is straightened out I can show it some love, it surly needs it!

I'd be remiss if I didn't remember that today is the birthday of the U.S. Coast Guard.  It sure provided me with a wonderful career and a "boatload"  of memories.

                                        Semper Paratus!  

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  1. Back pain is no fun at all, I suffered for many years, and after years of massage, Chiropractor, exercise, loosing 50 lbs and taking is easier. Not so bad anymore.
    Good luck with early treatment.

  2. Thank you so much for the update. Waiting for medical help is so frustrating even on the outside.

  3. Good luck with the neurosurgeon. I'll be interested in hearing what he/she has to say.

  4. Thanks for the update, I was wondering how you are. So sorry to hear the VA is not doing a good job for our veterans. That's sad. Too bad that along with the career and the memories you get the back problem from the Coast Guard too.

  5. Sorry you are in a holding pattern. Being in pain is not an acceptable place to be while you wait for health care:o(( Sure hope the Neurosurgeon can offer you some relief quickly!!

  6. Sorry you had such a long wait at the VA!! Shouldn't be that way! Sending prayers for a resolution to your pain!!
    Thanks for your service!!

  7. Hoping to be reading about a positive resolve to your back issues soon.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  8. Grr, was hoping you were getting some relief in the form of a sooner appointment. Back pain is one of the worst pains next to tooth pain. Prayers for you!

  9. Different VA hospitals and doctors are so different from others. It sounds like South Carolina is not the place to be if you're in pain. Hopefully, your "outside" doctor will be able to eliminate the pain. Sorry you're going through this.

  10. Here is hoping you do not get any further delays with appts. It seems that sometimes they just keep shifting the appts further out in time.

  11. I was fortunate to get out of the service with no more injuries than bum knees from the sea time so I have absolutely no idea of the pain you are going through. After seeing some of the remarkable solutions done on co-workers though know there is light at the end of the tunnel. Flashing disco lights and a mirror ball. Oooooh shiney! Feel the beat. Um, where was I going with this?

    Be well Paul, the bugs can wait. Of course, if you want practice I know of another rig that could use some help.

  12. Thanks for the update, keep us updated on your progress. Around a campfire Jo and you can share back surgery stories.

  13. Ugh - I hope you get some help sooner than later on the back. I admire the volunteering at USO in spite of how you are feeling. Hang in there!