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Tuesday, October 3, 2017

End Of An Era

Folks that have served in the military know that they make friends with others that have bonds that are very deep.  I have met and become friends with men and women that are more like brothers and sisters than just friends.  This past weekend, Marti and I had the privilege of attending the retirement ceremony of one of my close friends, Scott, who was retiring after thirty years of service in the U.S. Coast Guard.

He is the last of my Coastie friends that I served with to retire from the service after an amazing career.  Not only is he an amazing guy, but his career took him to many places and trouble spots all around the world.  We should be very thankful there are many men and women serving today just like him to protect and keep us safe.

One of the best things about this ceremony was it brought together several other Coast Guard Special Agent friends of mine that joined the retired ranks some years ago,  I hadn't seen some of them in years and it was great to meet and catch up.  Of course a picture was required.

There were many touching parts in the ceremony, including passing the flag, an American flag that was flown over each of Scott's duty stations where he had severed during his career.  A solemn and moving sight.

The flag was passed through nine Coast Guardsmen until it was finally handed to Scott, a real way to honor both the flag and his service.

There were many moving moments, some hard to hold back the tears.  Scott's wife spoke about the times of worry and fear she experienced as well as the good times.  Tears and laughter.

When it came time for Scott to read his final orders sending him into retirement, we all lost it.  Tears flowed through the crowd, myself included.  A lifetime of service, a way of life, is hard to handle when it comes to an end.   Thankfully it opens new doors and opportunities.

After the ceremony, there was a great celebration party that lasted well into the evening.  It was a wonderful time and I'm so happy I was able to go, even though I had back surgery two weeks ago.  I'm glad that Scott and I live pretty close together so we'll be able to visit often. 

As to my back, all is going well.  I feel better every day and in another week I'll be able to return to a more normal schedule, volunteering at the USO and even being able to cut my own grass.  You can be sure I'll be very careful not to overdo it, I don't want to go through a painful experience like I've been through ever again!  :c)

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  1. What a wonderful get together with old friends. Now he will begin a new and exciting lifestyle . Glad your back is improving.

  2. Military tradition and ceremony are always moving. I could tell this was such an occasion!!! How special that many friends were able to share his special day:o))

    Keep up the good work on that back...we are proud of you:o)))

  3. Really wonderful to see such a moving experience with friends you cherish. Glad to hear that your back is doing well and that you are minding your P's and Q's. Wishing you continued improvement.

  4. Great ceremony especially when it is for close Friends.
    Glad your back is improving.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  5. So glad your back is doing better, and you were able to attend the retirement ceremony of one of your close friends. The reunion was pretty cool too.

  6. I can understand the emotions. It maybe the end of era but also the beginning of another. We have so much respect for those who serve. He's on another path now.

  7. Hey I was hoping to see Gibbs in your pictures. Hope your back is getting better every day.

  8. What an emotional ceremony! Glad you were able to attend, and so glad to hear you're on the mend.

  9. I am sure that was an emotional ceremony...heck it was emotional reading it!! Glad you were there!!!

    Thank you for your service and the service of your friend, Scott. God bless all our men and women serving this great country!!!

  10. We thank God everyday for all that have served or who are serving. What a great ceremony!!

  11. I bet that was a very moving ceremony . Thank God for all our servicemen and women . Glad your back was good enough to be able to attend.

  12. Nice commentary on a career and I'm sure he'll be glad to read what you've written. While I was reading it finally slapped me up side the head when you mentioned he was the last to retire from your "era" with 30 years of service - I've been retired for 22 years! Where has the time gone?