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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Sometimes It Needs To Be Just Us

 Remember when you first met?  When you first started dating?  Holding hands, that first kiss?  It was all you wanted to do was just be with each other, being close and sharing the days.

Then life kicked in, in high gear.  Marriage, find a place to live, get a new job, climb the ladder of success.  Kids, cars, bills, all kinds of things to occupy your time and eat up your togetherness.  I'm not saying any of this is bad, it is just life. 

Sure it's fun to spend a weekend with the grandkids.  We found a neat little water park at Fort Jackson, SC and took the the grandsons there.  They had a ball.  So did we!  Of course,  Marti's sunburn was not so much fun, despite the heavy coating of sunblock.

The previous weekend, we attended a reunion at the house of my old boss, ADM Thad Allen.  I showed I was still able to protect him, even though I turned in my gun.

It was a great time, but the highlight was seeing my former partner, Ron and his wife Amy.  Ron and I worked many cases together and he always had my back.  Even though we talk frequently on the phone, it was good to see him in person, it's been way over a year.

There are many important people in our lives, many places you need to be and they can keep you apart from your special person.

We're happy to have those times, but we're especially looking forward to our full time life where we can be just "us".  No rushing around to get to work, no fast kiss goodbye, or talking on the phone while miles apart.  No more being so busy, that our minds are on all kinds of issues that we don't talk.

No more.

Just together.

Just next to each other.

Just like we started out.

Just us.

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  1. That was an excellent post, you guys are getting it right. We hope to some day as well. :)


  2. Well said!!

    It is about being together and being able to be in the moment without all the things that distract us. It is about a simpler life so we can have quality times and adventures!!

  3. very well said and oh so very true..we need to savour the quiet moments and hope that the busy times will soon pass!!..thanks for the reminder! goes on whether we are busy or not..but you can't let life pass you by!..we, too can hardly wait until it is just us..none of the stuff that goes along with this part of our life!!

  4. That is EXACTLY what we have learned from living this lifestyle. Our love grows stronger by the moment and we are loving it! Great post!

  5. We definitely enjoy our "us" time. Can't have too much of it in my opinion. This way of life will either make you a stronger couple or will end the relationship. You guys are going to be the stronger for it.

  6. Great post Paul. Aren't we all fortunate to be among those who made it together past the kids and the jobs and.............

    Love those Otters!!!

  7. Your post makes me smile, I am so happy you folks are very close to the full-timing life.

  8. What a perfect post from you two. I can't imagine a more perfect couple to spend their lives together doing what they love :)

  9. Great time with the Grands:) You will get more than enough "us" time when you hit the road full time.

    I find that I have never had so much adult supervision in my whole life:)

  10. Very well said! Just being together as a couple is a lost art for some folks. I think you and Marti will do wonderful in the fulltime lifestyle. Stay young at heart.
    Syl & Gin

  11. Very nice post. You'll have a lot of together time but you'll also have a lot of time with new friends as you travel around. You'll meet people from time to time and sometimes you'll be so busy with all your new RVing buddies you won't believe it. You'll still look forward to some "alone time". Some things never really change. It's a wonderful life!!

  12. Excellent post. We couldn't have said it better.

  13. Excellent Post and it is really the best part to be able to take time just to be together.

  14. Just found your blog. The last thing I was expecting to come across was a familiar name - Thad Allen. My husband worked with him on a few occasions (he was Chief of Staff for Procurement at DHS then and the Admiral was Chief of Staff at the CG). It sure is a small world. We also live in No VA ... though we're a bit more distant to Bull Run Regional Park than you indicated in one of your posts. Retirement for us is not until Dec 2012, so we still have a while yet, but if your home sale woes are anything to go by, it's a good thing that we sold our townhome earlier this year.

    Congratulations on your retirement and good luck with your home sale.

  15. Thank you so much for taking the time to show that ice maker repair! I saw the tube coming out of the top of the ice maker and said, darn, it's broken! But seeing your assured me that it was as it should be and I'm going to run to Lowes right now instead of ordering online. Thanks for that tip as well!