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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Have You Hugged Your Coyote Today?

I’m saying it again.  You never know what interesting and fun things you’ll get to do while workamping at J. Strom Thurmond COE.

Most of what we’ve been working hard on is getting the Water Safety Program ready that will be presented in the nearby schools over the next couple of months.  Sadly for us, we will have departed before we get to actually teach the program (yep, using that incoming grandchild excuse again), but other volunteers that will be here are fine tuning the program.  Practice makes perfect, and boy are we ever practicing!

Terri and Mike will be some of the presenters,


as will be Jim and Linda.


We’ve had many rehearsals demonstrating how to put on life jackets,


as well as how not to put them on.


Plus we’ve “drowned” quite a few oranges.


Doing all this under the watchful eye of Ranger Dave, who has given us lots of valuable suggestions and encouragement.


We did get a break and went to a safety meeting where a member from the local ecology research labs gave us a talk on wildlife in the area in which we work.

Snakes (Why does is always have to be snakes?),



snapping turtles,




even a full grown, two year old male coyote which he rescued as an orphaned newborn laying on a highway.


Here’s a picture of his eyes, especially for blogland’s greatest nature lover, Sherry.  :c)  Truly a beautiful animal.


Another reason we enjoy being here in South Carolina is often getting to see our grandsons Andrew and Owen.  It’s wonderful to be a part of their lives and see their accomplishments. 

Owen has been taking Ju Jitsu for over a year now and excelling in it.  Last night he received a new belt representing the next level he has earned.  We got to watch his instructor tie it on him.  We don’t know who is prouder, Owie, or us!



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  1. OK, I'm pretty sure life jackets are meant to be used individually.
    That Dude (photo 4) looks like he's got at least one more person in there with him. Yikes.

  2. Life jackets are made to be worn, they do safe lives. Great that they teach those classes there. Enjoy the grands.

  3. Way to go with the water safety program!! I would really enjoy hearing the ranger's wildlife talk...those animals were beautiful. There is no doubt in our minds that you two were busting with pride for Owie's accomplishment:o))

  4. Thanks Paul. Beautiful eyes on that coyote. I'd like to give him a hug. Does the ranger keep him as a pet now? Wonder why he doesn't go off with the pack when they are howling at the moon. I just love that sound. Way to go Owie! You can protect your grandpop when he gets himself in trouble and the bad guys come after him.

    1. No, he can't really keep him as a "pet". The coyote lives at the research lab in a large, fenced in area where he can be free to roam around. He is cared for by a vet, gets regular check ups and shots, but he is still a wild animal and certainly not tame. He was very nervous around adults and even barred his teeth a couple of times, that's why the ranger held him in a hugging position, to help keep him calm.

      Strangely, he doesn't get that nervous around children.

      The thought is he wouldn't be able to survive in the wild. A quandary, but if he hadn't been rescued, he would have died. He is kept for research and educational purposes to teach people about how wild coyotes live and the need to leave them alone and never feed them.

  5. I probably should have had Owie with me at the airport the other day. He could have taken care of that nasty guard. ;)

  6. So glad to see Mike & Terri's pictures in that room, since we don't hear from them (wink, wink) ;-) That coyote is beautiful! You guys are really keeping busy with that water safety program.

  7. Congrats Owie on that beautiful yellow belt. Good job.

    Oh, how I would love to hug that beautiful coyote.

  8. Congrats to Owie on his Yellow Belt. Good for him.

    The coyote looked nice but I sure hate the snakes and the gators!

  9. You truly do get to do a variety of interesting assignments in your position there. Did I hear that a new grandchild is coming your way? How exciting. I love how you have found a place to be near the grandkids but still living the RV life with plenty to keep you busy.

  10. Congrats to Owie. Looks like you guys are ready for prime time with your water safety course..

  11. While at Palmetto Island State Park in Abbeville, Louisiana, I viewed many different kinds of life vests. one for boating, fishing, etc. Now I cannot remember all the activities, but the poster identified about six activities that each had it's own vest style.

    Great Job Owie! Now, you can keep your grandpa in line!