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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ice Age

So much for sunny and warm South Carolina.  Even though we were right in the path of the incoming ice storm to the Southern U.S., Marti and I were out working in the cold rain that preceded the ice storm.


Although we’ve been working on the Water Safety program, we still have other tasks that need to be done.  We have taken a break from the pin hunting and dock inspections to handle a higher priority job, small bridge inspections that are on the footpaths on trails, campgrounds and day use areas here at J. Strom Thurmond COE.


The bridges need to be inspected annually.  We have an inspection report to fill out on each one and then take a photograph documenting the bridge’s condition.  Any that need repairs are put on the work list to be fixed before the summer season starts.


Sometimes it’s hard to find the bridge because they are covered up with fallen leaves and pine needles.  We have to clear them off to inspect them.


So far, we’re half done with the 40 bridges, and most are in good condition, but we’ve found a couple that need attention.  One was so bad we had to tape it off so no one would be injured walking across it.  Along with rotted boards, it had spikes sticking up that could really hurt someone.



It’s not all work and no play. Despite the freezing rain and snow,


all the workampers got together at the Volunteer Village rec house for our St. Valentines Day Chili Massacre.



With a nice roaring fire in the fireplace,


we sat down to a great meal, with loads of chili and deserts.  After everyone was stuffed, we moved on to play cards, until…


The power went off, leaving us in the dark.  We all returned to our nearby RVs and settled in for a cold night.  Fortunately for us, we have a diesel generator and a full 100 gallon tank of diesel fuel, so we’re snug and warm. 

We woke up this morning to this:



A good inch of ice with snow still coming down.  I guess we’ll take the day off.  I wish we’d get a little bit of that Global Warming about now.  Of course we’ll check up on all our neighbors, some have no generators, so we may have some company.  After all, we have a card game to finish…  :c)

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  1. Oh my! You've been working non-stop all winter long and now you have the snow to deal with. Well, you can always go outside and build a snowman ... or stay inside and remain warm. Temperature in Arizona will be around 80 today ... yes, we've missed you this winter.

  2. The first month we were in Florida we thought the odometer had lied and we were back home freezing like we did a few years ago. Even people staying in Frostproof Florida have found out they are not frostproof. We ended up down at Moore Haven to finally get warm. Well the storm came in last night and we'll be lucky to make 60 today. This is Florida?
    Helping others stay warm in times like this helps to make lasting friendships.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Hope you all stay warm. Its folks like you who work in the ice and rain in the winter time that make sure those parks are in good shape when the rest of us get there. Thanks!

  4. Paul could you define "ice and snow" for me. It's a term I haven't encountered since leaving VA. HAHAHAHA!
    Just messin' with 'ya.
    Stay warm over there on the East Coast.

  5. Thank goodness for diesel generators! It would be tough handling that without one. Hope your power comes back on soon!

  6. An interesting post that I enjoyed reading. Good luck to you and your endeavours.

    Thank you. Love love, Andrew. Bye.

  7. That weather back there is really something this year. Nice to have your own generator I'll bet.

  8. Unbelievable weather.... I really think it may be time to head for warmer weather. You just have to get near the everglades to find it;o)) All kidding aside...sure hope things ease up on all the country...enough it enough!!

  9. We've started the warm up here in South Texas and I'm going to forward some of it on to you.

  10. It's been a winter for sure ... can't complain here in southern TX.

  11. Oh my! I feel bad for the volunteers that have no generator. Hopefully some of those downed trees will get off the lines, and power will be restored soon!

  12. Hope you didn't have money on the table when the lights went out!!

    It sure has been a nasty winter but maybe that means a nice summer. We can only hope. Stay warm.

  13. I sure hope you get things worked out with the VA soon! You really need a break.

  14. I would love that bridge inspection work. Really important for sure. They have you guys doing some very interesting things. Great picture of the two of you in your weather gear. I'll bet all those without generators will run out and try to buy one as soon as they can. Sure hope they aren't all sold out. Snow in SC is just too strange. DC shut down again for I think the 4th time this year due to weather. 16" and climbing in Charlottesville. Boy am I glad I'm here even if it is going down to 41 tonight. It hasn't been that warm in Charlottesville for ages.

  15. You've had the best workcamping jobs ever! I'd love to do that!

  16. I would probably enjoy some of those projects you have & especially the photo assignment but would have to draw the line at having to do the job in ice, snow, & freezing cold temperatures. Good for you guys in getting out there & doing that......

  17. You are keeping busy but that cold and snow is not a lot of fun.
    Its times like that that we really appreciate our built in generator too.

  18. Yep, we are heading in that direction but continue to postpone our departure from the warmth...we are in Benson, Arizona and really do not have to be in that direction until April 1 but we wanted to hang out with you guys and then on Myrtle Beach for a few weeks before, but that may not be happening after all. If we do finally make it there to visit is there a place for us to camp out with you guys for a few days? We have looked online to make reservations and we just have not found anything. Stay warm!

    1. We will be leaving here 1 April to heat up to St. Louis, MO to see our granddaughters, so we'll miss you this time. If you still want to stay here, look for the COE Petersburg or Modoc campgrounds. Pburg is on the GA side of the lake and Modoc is on the SC side.

    2. Looks as if we just might be heading in that direction before April 1st after all. We will look into the CG suggestions...which would be closer to you guys? The only reason we would stop is to visit with you guys...otherwise we will head straight for Mrytle Beach. Will you guys be available to hang out?

  19. When you need a generator you really need it.