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Monday, July 21, 2014

Bath Time

One of the things we like about staying at military campgrounds (besides the price) is that they allow you to wash your RV.  That’s a huge thing for me because I like to keep the Journey clean, something that’s pretty tough to do as fulltimers.

Having a little time off from helping out at Corey and Amanda’s house with both the granddaughters and the renovations, a couple of nice days gave me the chance to give the Journey a long overdue bath.

As usual, I started on the roof, I wash it a couple of times a year using Spic-n-Span.  It does a nice job on the grime that gets deposited up there.  Am I starting to sound like a commercial?


That was the first day’s job.  Today, I set out to finish the Journey’s body, which had it’s normal road dirt and bugs plus some of the run off from the roof washing.

I’ve tried many wash and wax soaps over the years with some pretty good success with Blue Coral.  However, I’m always on the hunt for a better product and I think I’ve found it.  It’s from the boating world, which has some of the same cleaning issues that we RVers have.

It is OrPine Wash and Wax, which I ordered online from Amazon.  I was surprised when it arrived the very next day.


It is super concentrated and the quart can make up to 96 gallons of soap.  Biodegradable, too.  It has a nice pine smell which left the Journey smelling like a large car pine air freshener.  :c)

It comes out in a thick blob which mixed up very nicely.  I noticed right away that the suds stayed formed and didn’t thin out as I scrubbed the Journey.


After washing half of the 40 foot length of the Journey, it still remained sudsy in my bucket.


I was quite pleased with the way the Journey came out, even my aluminum wheels sparkled.


I’m quite pleased with OrPine and I think I’ll use it from now on (unless something even better comes along).  ;c)

Disclaimer:  I have no connection with the company, just passing on info of something that worked well for me.

And now, for one of those amazing things you see in a campground, how about this setup to get your satellite TV?


Maybe one person in the RV doesn’t like what the other person watches on TV?  :cD

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  1. Looks good! I have given up doing these chores myself, largely due to at least five guys I know having fallen from a height of a RV roof with very serious consequences. One of those did fall from a RV roof just about a month ago and just yesterday, he went back into the hospital in serious condition. Just saying-none of us our getting any younger. I had the RV detailed about ten days ago by a guy less than half my age, and I still kept a close eye on him while he was on the roof.

  2. I'm hoping to hire the YCC (Youth Conservation Corp) kids to give my rig a good wash and wax. This is their last week, so I hope they don't forget me. :(

  3. That roof looks good Paul. That's something I need to tackle when we get to a place which allows washing.

  4. Gonna have to check that Orpine Wash and Wax out :) Thanks!

  5. Is nice to keep our rigs clean, and I really enjoy doing ours. Some places allow washing and others not. Where we are not just need a $10.00 permit and can wash all I want.
    Sure looks nice when its all sparkly clean though.

  6. Great Job!! A clean Winnie is a Happy Winnie;o))

  7. I'm relieved! When I saw the title to your blog "Bath Time" I was hoping you weren't going to describe your personal bath time. Staying clean is a good thing and I'm glad it was all about the Journey.

  8. Boy does poor Winnona need a washing. She's been doing dirt in a big way these past days. I can only look longingly at your campground that allows washing. If we could drive on over, I'd pull Winnona right up behind the Journey and you could keep on washing. You are doing such a good job you know.

  9. You should hang out a shingle and detail rigs in the parks you stay at.

  10. Our rig needs a "bath time" but it's gonna have to wait a little longer!
    I like that TV/satellite setup... now I just have to figure out how to get Terri's chair out there! ;-o

  11. Looks great. We bought ours in April and it sure needs a good first wash. Hoping to get that done before the months over. We'll have to try that OrPine! Thanks for the tip!

  12. JULY 22, 2014

    Maybe the television had a problem “seeing” the satellite from inside the rig.


  13. Yup, nothing like a spick and span clean RV!!!

  14. Glad to see you're keeping busy and keeping clean as a whistle too! The Winnie just sparkles.

  15. Yesterday we pulled into Ron's brother's driveway and immediately Mike insisted on washing our car! You and he would get along great. We tried to get him to wash the RV too, but he drew the line.

  16. Hopefully George will read this post. He's always looking for something new to use on Harvey :)

  17. When I use up my Blue Coral Wash I'll give OrPine a shot. We tree huggers appreciate that pine smell. ;)

  18. Mui started using OrPine this winter at GWRVR ... he really likes it too. Here at NAS CC "soap" is not allowed, so he's having to wait until we get to our home pad to use it again to spiff up the Phaeton.

  19. That is a great way to adjust the satellite on location, then send the signal to the inside. Makes a one man job.

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