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Thursday, July 10, 2014

New Juice

We’ve been pretty busy working on our son Corey’s fixer-upper house.


It was built in the early 1960s and that was the last time anything was done on it.  Corey and Amanda got it for a good price, but it’s going to take a lot of time and sweat equity to get it up to where it should be.   Marti and I have been stripping old wallpaper and removing the left behind glue residue using diluted fabric softener and scrapers.



All while being closely supervised by Anabelle,


and Cooper, the Golden Retriever.


However, today I took a break from house renovations to get some new “Juice” in the Journey.  The engine starting batteries were nearing the end of their service life, so I replaced them.  They were over seven years old.  I believe in preventive maintenance and it was time for them to go before they died and left me stranded somewhere on a cold, rainy night.


First thing was to turn off all power in the Journey, from the campground power pole, to the main battery disconnect switch.


I carefully disconnected all the cables, starting with the negative side first.


Working very carefully, and taking very special care to lift the batteries using my legs so as not to injure my bad back, I removed the old batteries and installed the two new ones.


Before securing the cables back in place, I cleaned all of them with a wire brush to ensure a good solid connection.


It took me an hour to replace the batteries.  Looks good, for the next seven years.


I took the old batteries back to the Freightliner dealer where I bought them for recycling.  The batteries had a $40 core charge and I wanted that money back in my pocket.

I researched the batteries and the only place that carried the exact battery I needed was Freightliner.  Sam’s Club, Costco, NAPA, none of them carried the 1000 CCA batteries I needed.  Cost from Freightliner was $150 each (plus tax).  Cheap insurance in the long run.

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  1. If you read my blogs in 2011 - 13 you know I became the queen of walpaper removal! I used a product called Def. It is a blue gel and you can buy it by the gallon. It took some patience, but I think it worked better than the fabric softener I tried first. Have fun!

  2. Ugh! I hate taking wallpaper off walls. Too bad you can't get help from those.supervisors. That way you take over the supervision and they do the hard labor. Of course, it might take a bit longer.

  3. Sounds like a fine price to me and good service to get 7 years out of those batteries. Cory and Amanda are lucky to have your help. We know all about renovations. I THINK it was fun at the time. :-)

  4. I see Anabelle and Cooper are doing a fine job of keeping the two of you in line. Can't wait to see the ' after' pictures.

  5. Wallpaper removal is one of my least favorite jobs, and I think that's very nice of you to help.

    We were just talking about batteries the other night and wondering when we should replace ours, which are three years old now. I guess we have several more years.

  6. Thats a pretty good price for good starting batteries, preventative maintenance sure does pay off.

  7. I'm sure they appreciate all your help in the reno's. Never heard of using fab softener!

  8. Nice job guys on the house and the batteries. As we have learned, It's ALL about the batteries;o))

    Now, back to work before Anabelle comes looking for you !!

  9. Removing wallpaper is almost as much fun as stripping paint from woodwork. Both jobs are such a joy. The real joy for your kids is that they are blessed with parents that are willing to help.

  10. Try using a pump-up garden sprayer to wet down the wallpaper - lot faster and easier than a hand spray bottle

  11. You and Marti are saints for helping the kids remove old wallpaper.

    Good price on the starting batteries.

  12. The only job I would at the house project would be Annabelle's:) Paul: you do know that you can pay someone to change those batteries?

  13. At least your supervisors look like they're pretty easy going. :-)

  14. Agree with you that the inventor of wallpaper deserves a special place in a very hot place.

  15. Glad you are all charged up and ready to go! Good luck with that wallpaper :)