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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

No Need For Plan B

It’s not often that a mechanical symptom fools me, but I certainly was snookered this time.  Our Honda Element toad did pull a fast one on me, but I’m not complaining.  Why?

The Honda technician inspected the Element’s CV joints on the axles, and they were fine and not the cause of the violent shimmy we’d experienced.

Instead, it turned out to be a seized right front brake caliper.  I was overjoyed.  Why?

Because to replace the caliper, machine the rotors on both front wheels and install new brake pads, as well as flush the brake lines and install new brake fluid cost me half of what two new axles with new CV joints would have.  My wallet was happy, too.

So we’re back on track for our drive to Florida on New Years Day, with a night spent visiting my Coast Guard buddy Ron in Jacksonville, before heading to Port Canaveral for the cruise. 

We’re leaving the Journey here at the COE campground.  Since there is a slight chance of freezing weather while we’re gone, I’m disconnecting the water hose and turning off the water pump, putting a drop light with a 75watt bulb in each of my two wet bays and leaving the propane furnace on set to about 40 degrees.  With an almost full onboard propane tank, everything should be fine.

Now for the major challenge:  Pack a suitcase.  ;c)

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  1. Glad to hear the problem with the car was an easy fix.
    Doing most of your traveling as we do in your RV you might have trouble packing that suitcase.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Whew, those are the kinds of bullets you love to dodge. Glad everything is on track (HA!) - we're Mexican Train crazy here. Have a safe trip. Can't wait to hear about the cruise.

  3. That's the kind of news we all like to hear. Easy fixes are best. Have a great time on that cruise. It's definitely not the right time to think about diets.

  4. Well alrighty... that was the perfect Christmas Present!! Now go have a great and WARM time on the cruise. We're still hanging out in South Carolina where it is COLD:o(( So have fun you kids!!

  5. Gotta love those kind of repairs. Good to go now.
    We are not happy packing a suitcase anymore, have gotten spoiled living this lifestyle.

  6. Sometimes it's great to be wrong! This was sure one of those cases. Safe travels to Florida and the big ship!

  7. Enjoy your cruise! Glad the repairs were less than anticipated.

  8. Congrats on your error!!! LOL!
    Packing a suitcase is a real challenge these days. Luckily, we don't have to do it often :)
    Enjoy your cruise.

  9. Good news! Don't forget your dancing shoes. Have fun.

  10. Glad it was a "cheaper" fix. After having recently done the suitcase packing thing (with many less suitcases than we used to own), it was a bit of a challenge.
    Have fun on your cruise!

  11. A great fix and a good start for you holiday! Enjoy.

  12. So glad it wasn't a huge job, and now you can relax and have fun!!!

  13. Don't forget to pack your life jackets!!! Safety first! ;)

    Have a great and fun trip!

  14. Always expensive, some repairs more than others :-)

  15. Hmmm......Cruise ship get lost??? No PC?

  16. That is such a great gift before the year ended. Kudos to the technician who checked and repaired your car! Good thing the damage isn’t bad, and you don’t have to spend much on the repairs. Anyway, I hope you didn’t experience the same car issues when you got back from the cruise. I’m looking forward to reading more of your RV adventures. Take care always! :)

    Liza Pilon @ PrairieCityRV