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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Semper Gumby

We’re “Always Flexible” in taking on different jobs here at the COE.  You can’t say we get bored doing the same thing over and over again.  That’s one of the things we enjoy with our workamping job, always something different, always a new challenge, sometimes a minor task, sometimes a major evolution.

Doing the in depth inspections of the 25 areas operated by the COE, we’ve traveled all around Thurmond Lake.  It takes a lot of time checking everything from beach sand, to restrooms, lighting, road conditions, even gates (that are used to close off areas in the off season) to ensure they are in good condition.  The other day I had an inspector watching me inspect the gate, to ensure I was doing it correctly.


We got pulled off the inspections to complete a job that has been on the priority list.  The recreation building at the COE Volunteer Village campground needed a paint job and we’ve been waiting for good weather to complete it.  With the weather conditions we needed, we jumped on it and got it done with the help of a couple of other volunteers.  The work went fast and the company helping made it a lot of fun.


Being here in South Carolina keeps up pretty close to seeing our grandsons, but our granddaughters live in Missouri and New Jersey.  This weekend we’re flying up to NJ for a long weekend to see our granddaughters Anabelle and Elizabeth and to attend a family get together for my dad’s 93rd birthday.  We can’t always get to see the other granddaughters in MO as often as we’d like, but we still see them with the use of computers and Facetime.  It’s a good substitute until we can get there next spring, but it doesn’t keep us from having fun and playing with the girls.



Tomorrow we have a couple of boxes of Christmas presents for our MO girls to get mailed.  Even though we’re miles away, we always find a way to stay in touch, be a part of their lives and see them grow up. 

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  1. Keeping you busy keeps you out of trouble. Doesn't it??

  2. I can't believe the COE actually gave you the time off to head to NJ. However, I'm sure those girls can hardly wait to see you. Behave yourselves now and like Sandie said, stay out of trouble.

  3. So glad we missed out on painting the gospel house :) George got to be there for the new kitchen though :)

  4. You two are building an amazing resume!! We would prefer to have a workcamping job that was a little of this and a little of that. Happy Birthday to your Dad!! Hope all is well with him. Hey, I want to play that game with Marti ;o))

  5. And I remember back to those ancient painting days of yours when you swore off it for good. Bet you wish you'd had help back then. Safe flight and a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your dad. Looking forward to seeing how he's doing.

  6. That is what makes a job interesting the variety and unknown popping up.
    Enjoy your time away.

  7. Peek-a-Boo! I think Marti has that down pat with the grandkids!

    Thank goodness for Facetime and G+ Hangouts for allowing us to see and talk to our little ones back home!

  8. I see a picture of Marti painting, but .... Were you the supervisor?? ;)

  9. Looks like they are keeping you busy at the COE park with all those inspections and painting and stuff. Glad you can breakaway for a few days with your granddaughters in NJ. Safe travels!

  10. I think technology is a grandparents best friend :)
    Safe travels north!

  11. Can it really be work when you have good weather and good company? Getting more anxious as each day goes by and the envy builds as well.

  12. Look the shots of Marti playing peek-a-boo. Hope you have good weather for your trip.

  13. That sounds so government - an inspector watching you inspect.