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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Grandsons Visit

It was an uplifting experience, having our two grandsons, Andrew and Owen over for a weekend stay.  It was nice to have something different to do for a change.  While our day to day volunteer tasks are important, it was wonderful break in the routine.

With lots of energy (the boys, not us) to use up, we hopped in the car to track down some geocashes.  Marti had downloaded a bunch in her handheld GPS device.  The first one was really easy, hidden in a COE sign.



Others were a little bit difficult, but the boy’s sharp eyes found them.




Owie took care of signing the geocache’s logs.


Checking the GPS device, the boys figured out which direction to go next.


An unusual geocache, with an unusual log.



Off to the next one!


Another day, we went to one of the COE beaches with the metal detectors we got the boys last Christmas.


I admit I had “salted” the beach with about $2.00 worth of coins so they’d have some results.  Well, they had some really good results.


When we had finished “sweeping” the sand, they had found several bottle caps, some fishing line weights and about $5.80 worth of coins!  I might have to get a metal detector myself, there are some 36 beaches around Thurmond Lake just waiting to be checked!

Andrew was really excited, one penny he found he declared was really old.  The date on it was 1976!!!

Of course lots of outside activities dictate lots of food for hungry boys.  They devoured most of a 20” pizza.


The leftovers made for a good snack later when rain forced us indoors.  We always have something for them to do, chess is a favorite game they play.


Too short a visit, but a wonderful break in the routine for us.  :c)

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  1. What Fun!!! So, 1976 is REALLY old ;-((( What's that make us:o))) Hard to beat time with the Grands!!!

  2. That is really neat, but how come no pin hunting? ;)

    1. We've been working on the COE Water Safety Program which is the big priority between now and when school gets out. I don't think we'll be able to do anymore pin hunting between now and when we leave for the summer around April 20th. But there is always next fall! :c)

  3. What a great time you always show those boys. Metal detectors are a terrific idea. Looks like you would not have had to salt the beach at all. The beach goers did it for you. That's a bicentennial coin. It really is old. Did you tell him you were even older than that? :-)

  4. Always fun times with the grands.
    If 1976 is real old we are ancient, lol...
    Older than dirt.

  5. WOW 1976....I have shoes that old!
    What would he have said about a 1912 wheat penny I found a couple of months ago......and no it didn't have Caesar on.?

  6. What fun for you and what fun for the boys. That $5.80 is a real find. Did you charge them a fee for using your metal finder?

    I'm sure you will be missed when you head out for summer.

  7. How fun! Time spent with the grandkids always goes too quickly!

  8. You guys are really fun grandparents. Those boys will have lots to tell their friends.

  9. That's so terrific that you had some quality time with them both. They will be future volunteers someday!