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Monday, March 23, 2015

All Cleaned Up

Yep, our Splendide 2100 washer/dryer died.  Once I removed it, the cause of death became readily apparent.  Lint build up in the dryer vent hose.


But how did that lint build up so much after I regularly used a brush from the outside dryer vent to clean out lint?  Looking carefully around the compartment under the dryer, I found that the vent hose had at some point come off the dryer vent.


When the hose came off it rested against the wall, effectively blocking any tiny amounts of lint from exiting the Journey.  What threw me was when I used a cleaning brush into the dryer vent from the outside, I never got any lint because I wasn’t in the vent hose at all.  Live and learn.

Because the dryer was over 8 years old and the parts to repair it cost more than half of what a new unit cost, I bought a new Splendide 2100XC from PPL Motorhomes in Houston, Texas at a great deal.  This unit has a larger drum to handle larger loads.  Even better, there is a technique that can be used on this unit to flush any lint out of the drum, something that was not possible on my old unit.

I knew this was going to be a big job.  The washer weighs in at a healthy 155 pounds, so it required some extra muscle.  Several of the guys here at the Volunteer Village stepped up to help me move out the old unit and bring in the new one.  It was a tight lift just getting in and out of the Journey’s entry door.  That extra muscle sure helped out.

Before I started to remove the old unit, I took off all the cabinet doors and hardware, then I put a layer of duct tape on the edge of the cabinet to protect the wood from being scratched.


Once the old washer was removed, I found some sloppy construction hidden behind the washer, hanging wires and loose PVC pipes.  Because the PVC pipes are hooked to drain into the gray tank, it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch to see they would crack somewhere someday making a massive leak.


I took the time to properly secure the wiring and used a clamp to hold the PVC drain pipe in place to prevent it from flopping back and forth.


I also replaced the vent hose with a new hose and properly secured it.  It was a really tight space to work and probably was never fastened correctly at the factory.


All set for the new washer/dryer.


There it is, all in place and running for the first time.  I checked carefully for any leaks and all connections were tight and dry.


Lastly, I color coded the hot water hose with a little red tape so I’d always know which was hot and which was cold.


Not a fun job, it took me a good part of the day to remove and replace the washer unit, but I’m sure glad it’s done and I know it was done right.  I now know I need to keep an eye on the through wall connection, something I’ll do monthly when I change the nearby air conditioner filter.

This DIY project would have been an easy $500 worth of labor at an RV dealer, so I’m glad I tackled it.  Plus it’s nice to have clean skivvies again.  :c)

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  1. Good job!! Now you can go find those pins;o))

  2. Wow Paul. I am over the top impressed with your thoroughness and what a great job you did on this. I'm rather amazed that the unit lasted 8 years given what looked like a pretty sloppy original set up. I'm surprised at Winnebago.

  3. If the method you know of to remove lint from the drum is the same as the one John and Bridget Hatch told me about, it really works! I just think you should follow me around to repair all my problems. ;)

  4. Great job! Thanks for taking the pics of this replacement. We still have our original Splendide so this is very helpful! Thanks!

  5. Job well done! Can you but lint free clothes? :)

  6. Very nice job Paul. After seeing the work of MANY of the different MH manufacturers, I'm not surprised at the sloppy work at all. Thanks for the pics of the install.

  7. Paul, we removed our old one also and replaced it with a new one, I also have a 39k. I used the exit window right next to the washer to remove mine and to bring the new one in. I placed a picnic table under the window and all worked well.

  8. Nice job well done, at least now it is done properly.

  9. Good job Paul. I'm sure ours is the original model too and we're expecting it to die any minute now. :) I only wish ours was this easy to remove as yours was. Ours has to come out from the side, which is in the closet and not the front. Can you please post a picture of the tool you use to clean out the vent? Our is that cheap foil stuff (should have changed it when the dryer was out) and I am afraid to run a brush down it. I use my hand and always get plenty of lint, so that's a good sign, I guess.

  10. Keep your skills sharpened because I'm sure we'll have something for you to tinker with when we get close.

  11. Yup, we got rid of the junky flex foil type vent hose too... our Splendide is older, but it also has a lint cleanout down on the bottom front of the machine behind a little door. We check that often because it can accumulate a lot with fuzzy towels or sport type socks. Glad your swap out went well!
    KarenInTheWoods and Steveio
    (Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  12. I found the best way to get a job like this done and save money is by completing the task yourself. This project mentions the dryer that was taken out was an older unit. By replacing it with the newer and more efficient model dryer, more money can be saved in the long run due to more effective energy usage.

    Nathan Riley @ Steemer Atlanta

  13. Gosh, if only you knew that a buildup of dryer lint would be enough to take out the whole dryer, I'm sure you'd be in there cleaning out that vent every week. This post might have saved me big time, as I just gave my dryer vent system a really good cleanout!

    Rolando Ramirez @ Aardvark Dryer Vent

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