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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Talk About Customer Service!

Okay, you can get off the edge of your seats now, my problem with the dash gauges has been solved. 

I opened up the dashboard, and exposed the wiring behind it.



I called Freightliner Customer Service and spoke for about an hour with tech rep Dwayne.  He recognized the problem right away but walked me through several steps to properly diagnose the issue.

It seems that Freightliner has had problems with the wiring harnesses on my model year chassis.  The wiring harness has white colored wires and an upgraded harness has been made with all black wires.

To be sure, he had me move some of the wires around from gauge to gauge to prove the problem was the wire harness and not the gauges.



It was hard to see and I had to use a mirror to make sure I was unplugging and plugging the wires in the right spots.

Funny, right now all the gauges are working, but they may go out again, something is loose with a connection somewhere and that’s why Freightliner upgraded the harness. 

If you remember, a short time ago we had a problem with an air pressure gauge.  Yep, that gauge has wiring from this troublesome harness, too.

The best part is Freightliner is going to pick up the cost of the repair, parts and labor even though the Journey is years and miles out of warranty.  How is that for great customer service?  We’re going to schedule a repair at the Gaffney Freightliner Service Center possibly in June on our way up to Missouri.

Now I just have to put that dashboard back together with those zillion screws.  Hope I remember where they all go!

(Marti has told me a million times not to exaggerate, the truth is there are only half a zillion screws!)

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  1. This is definitely a "blue" job as far as I'm concerned. I handle the "pink" jobs... Bill does the blues. I'm not being sexist, I'm just being realistic... those wires are WAY beyond my ken!

  2. YIPPEEE...really glad you found the problem and even more glad that Winnebago is stepping up to correct it. Now go have fun on your cruise!!!

  3. Well, I believed you the first time you came up with a zillion wires. I bet you're glad you've figured it out and don't have to worry about it on your cruise.

  4. Wish we had a Freightliner chassis if they are that good at technical support and customer service. Ours is a Workhorse but we've had great support from Winnebago. Glad to hear your gauges are all working now and will be taken care of correctly soon. Good look with those 1/2 zillion screws.

  5. How awesome is that??? Makes me happy to have a freightliner chassis :)
    Have fun on the cruise...and relax!!!

  6. Glad you have been able to get that issue diagnosed! Now be careful putting that dash back together...
    you don't want to have a screw loose! ;-)

  7. Always feels good to get a problem solved.
    I think any more than a dozen or so screws is a zillion right?
    Now enjoy the cruise.

  8. always good to know what the problem is- Enjoy the Cruise!

  9. What year is the Journey? I don't want to get one by mistake.

  10. Good to hear that the problem is diagnosed and fixed ... and hopefully won't repeat itself ... and if it does, you know what to do. We've been very happy w/the service calls we've made to Gaffney.

  11. From Bill and Nancy's post: "even more glad that Winnebago is stepping up to correct it".

    If I read you correctly, it's Freightliner stepping up, not Winnebago, correct? I believe it would be Freightliner's part.

    No matter, I'm glad you found the problem and hopefully can get it corrected without further incident.

    1. Yes, you're right, it's Freightliner that stepped up. Sometimes with the mix of all the manufacturers that have parts in these big beasts, it leads to confusion and finger pointing to the other guy. Had that happen with my previous MH where the dash a/c assembly was made by two different companies. I'm glad this problem was clearly just a Freightliner issue.

  12. That's terrific that they're stepping up to cover the cost of the repair! Hard to find that level of customer service these days :)

  13. Sometimes, a problem can come from something as simple as loose wiring. It's good that the customer service representative who helped you gave a comprehensive explanation on how to check on stuff to isolate the problem. And the fact that they'll shoulder the cost of the repairs and replacements is just an amazing gesture on their part. Anyway, good luck with the repairs, if you haven't had it yet. Safe travels!

    Cristina Hamilton @ Mount Comfort RV