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Friday, April 10, 2015

Stuck Up

We’re into the closing days of our “tour of duty” for this year at J. Strom Thurmond COE project, but that doesn’t mean we’re bored or doing the same old thing.  In fact, we learned something new, who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?

As part of the COE’s dedicated effort for water safety, we had a dozen decals with a water safety message made up to be placed in the windows of all the gate houses around the lake.

Here’s a before:


And an after:


We’d never done this type of work before, but found it wasn’t too complicated as long as we took our time and applied the lettering very carefully to a squeaky clean window.

First, the one side covering of the lettering is peeled off exposing the sticky side with the letters.


That side is placed on the glass, then carefully rubbed with a smooth plastic tool.  All the air bubbles are worked out and the letters stick tightly to the window.


Then the backing is slowly peeled off, leaving just the letters.


Of course, there had to be one gatehouse with non standard sized windows, making the decal too big to fit. Oops!!


We’ll have to figure out a way to fit this one on, maybe by cutting the decal up into individual letters and moving them closer together.  But that’s a job for another day.

Because of the wonderful warm weather we’ve been having here lately, the beaches have been swarmed with visitors.  Because the gate houses are not officially opened, the self pay stations are being used.  People get so confused and can’t follow the clearly posted directions on where to put the paid envelope in.  They kept coming in and asking us as we were working on the lettering.  It got so bad, we had to take action and help the people to see where to put their envelopes.


We’re always here to help!  :cD

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  1. Is that where the sun is? We seem to be finding more of the thunderstorms where we go and rarely the sun. You certainly are a little worker bee.

  2. Alright, it is right side up from the outside;)

  3. A little trick for decal installation. Soapy water applied to the glass allows you to move the decal around to get it in exactly the right spot. Then squeegee the water out, which also removes all the air bubbles.

    1. True, but these were not decals. We received training from the sign company on the correct way to put these letters on. Good thing I paid attention because I could have really screwed these thing up! And they weren't cheap... ;c)

  4. You are learning a lot of new skills there a Throm. But what do you do when you aren't slaving away?

  5. I think I'd need some help with that chore or all the letters would be askew! ;)

  6. That's a great job done and such an important message to try to get folks to follow!!!

  7. Love the signs and so true it is.
    Soon you will be looking for something to do.

  8. We're very guilty of not wearing our life preservers. They always come with us in the boat or kayaks.

    To answer your question on my blog, we are planning on being here in the Keys throughout least that's the plan at the moment. We never count on anything due to my Mom. Where will you stay if you come? There are some nice state parks, if you can get a site.

  9. Learning new skills for job security ... smart! :-)

  10. You get all the "fun" jobs. :-))

    They are really going to miss you two here after you leave!

  11. So they didn't see that BIG sign saying, 'Pay here?'

  12. Good idea to keep the old brain functioning by learning new skills. You definitely don't want to be one of those folks who are saying where does this go and you really want to tell them.

  13. Finally, new decals on the gatehouse windows :) Hopefully the one that was in our gatehouse was taken off. You're keeping busy!

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