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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Backyard Fun

Well, we’re still waiting to receive our mis-sent mail package from Dakota Post, our mail service.  After not hearing anything from them (as they promised to keep me updated) I called them, asking to speak to the lady responsible for our mail.  Of course I just got her voice mail and asked for a return call.  It never came.

So I sent an email asking for an update. The lady returned my email saying she tried calling my phone (and gave the correct number), but it was “busy” the three times she tried to call.  That’s funny, I have my phone with me 24/7 and usually only make one call a day to my dad in the evening, well past business hours.  Plus, my phone captures any missed calls.  Strange, there are not any calls from Dakota Post.  I guess the lady “misspoke” like our politicians do…

At least she did give me an update, they were not able to intercept the mail via the Post Office and it did arrive at the Patrick AFB campground (FL) where we were in April.  Supposedly the campground has been contacted and they are going to send my mail back.  This is getting to truly be “The Check is in the Mail” episode.

I intend to talk to the Dakota Post owner once I finally get my mail package and inform him of the terrible service and follow up by his employee.

In the mean time, we’re having a great time with our Missouri granddaughters.  Ryan had a backyard barbeque for friends and the crew of his cutter.  A wonderful time, and to keep the kids occupied, they brought out a Slip-N-Slide for them to play on.  It did keep them busy for hours. 

Little Charlie (Charlotte) discovered something even more fun than sliding, the mud that developed at the end of the slide and made the most of it.


I guess she needed to take some instruction from her older sister Bekka (Rebekah), who managed to stay clean, but from the tired look in her eyes, wore herself out.


We’re glad we’re here to spend time with the granddaughters.  They are growing fast and it’s wonderful to be a part of their lives.  :c)

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  1. Sorry the mail is such a pain. But glad you are stuck there with those adorable grand-daughters!!!

  2. Since you are stuck - at least you're stuck with fun grands. Your mail issues sound like our issues with our mail order prescriptions. Not fun.

  3. As long as there's nothing overdue in the mail like Jury Duty you should be fine. Of course you could have driven back to Florida for your mail but then you would have missed spending time with the Grands.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  4. I can't believe how big Charlie is already. Time really does fly. Glad you're in a good place while you wait for your mail.

  5. We were waiting on a cheque that seemed to go around but never to us. After a month or more we finally got the old one cancel and had them sent us out a new one. Just after they sent the new one to us the old one finally showed up at our daughter's. Isn't it fun living full time in an RV with no fixed address! :-p

    Your granddaughters are beautiful, enjoy your time with them!

  6. Good luck with your mail and enjoy your family time.

  7. Wow, what a nightmare with your mail. I hope it all gets resolved soon. Enjoy the time with your grand-kids!

  8. Carrie much preferred mud to any other play activity. Ok with me. She had a "mud swim suit" and we just hosed her off at the end of her fun time. All her friends loved to come visit and play in the sand and mud pile on one edge of the barnyard.

    I sure hope you some day get your mail. Early on in our full timing this happened to us but with our local post office forwarding something. We never did get it. Hope you are luckier.

  9. Maybe your mail will be one of those long lost discoveries in years to come. At least you're spending time with the people most important to you and making good memories.

  10. Oh, mud is a girl's best friend! Hope that mail thing gets resolved. We don't miss SD mail service at all!

  11. Ahhhh mail forwarding in this lifestyle can be quite challenging, luckily we've had good luck so far with ours. Don't let those grandkids run you too ragged, man I wish I had their energy again.