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Monday, June 1, 2015

Slide Bushings

Sorry it's been a while since my last post, but a certain foursome of energetic granddaughters has kept us delightfully busy.  Hopefully, they'll slow down enough for me to get a picture or two!  :c)

In the mean time, I wanted to get some pictures up of the Journey's slide bushings that I'm concerned with replacing.  The large living room slides on the Journey have two large aluminum arms that move in and out.

The arms ride in and out of the frame and are supported on plastic bushings.
The bushings on the driver's side slide are showing some serious wear.  This is the front arm bushings.
This is the rear arm bushings.
What has me even more concerned is little pieces of the bushing plastic that have broken off and fallen on top of my basement compartment.
Researching on RV forums, some folks have done this bushing replacement themselves and claim it is really easy.  Since I can't get an appointment with the Winnebago Factory Service Center until mid August because of their annual Grand National Rally during July, I'm going to have to figure out a way to do this repair myself.  It is going to involve jacking up the slide somehow to get clearance to remove the old bushings and install the new ones.  
 Interestingly, only the driver's side bushings are cracking, the passenger slide bushings are fine.  I think it has to do with the fact that the driver's side slide is a deeper slide and therefor heavier than the opposite side.
 I'll order the bushings now and put my thinking cap on to figure out how to do this.  I will wait until we get to New Jersey in July at the Naval Weapon Station Earle campground to attempt the fix.  They don't mind if you work (or wash) your RV and they have large cement pads to park on, making jacking up the slide easy.  At this campground in Missouri, any jack would just sink down into the soft grass, plus they have a no working on your RV rule.
If anyone has had any experience doing this repair, I'd appreciate hearing about it.  Otherwise, stay tuned for my mid July attempt at a DIY fix. 
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  1. Sorry, Paul, can't help with this repair. Our slides don't use the same type of bushing system. Good luck, however! Oh, we used your advise and will be staying at Cedar Key RV Resort in a couple of weeks. Looks like a nice place.

    1. You must stop at the Low Key Hideaway Tiki Bar and meet the owners, Pat and Cindy Bonish. They are great folks and you'll feel like they are your new BFFs!

  2. Thanks for the pictures. I had no idea what a bushing was or looked like. As soon as the rain stops, I'll look to see if that's what I have.

  3. Thanks for the explanation and pictures. Hope you can get it figured out and easily done.

  4. Good luck with your repair I am sure it will be quite easy.

  5. Good luck with the repair ... will be interesting to see how you replace them. In the meantime, something for Mui to check out on our slides.

  6. Just asked George if we have them, bushings that is. I figured he'd be checking them out. Good luck with the repair, and in the meantime, get all the grandkid time in!

  7. Another thing to for me to ask Rick to check on :) Good luck with the repair!

  8. David said to tell you that he replaced the top bushings on the same slide but didn't have to do the bottom ones. He used a bottle jack and 4X4.

  9. You are always working on something. Where are the picures of those granddaughters?

  10. Looks like something any good Mobile RV Repair guy should be able to handle. Just incase it gets over your head, and you wouldn't have to take in to a shop.

  11. Believe it or not, I have no advice for you concerning this repair.

  12. Yeah, that is worrying. Breakdowns can start with little wears and tears. It’s a good thing that you were able to spot the problems with the slide bushings and have decided to replace them, rather than risk those causing bigger problems along the way. And it seems that you have found more than adequate replacements, as well. Good day!

    Liza Pilon @ Prairie City RV