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Monday, June 13, 2016

Making Myself (Somewhat) Useful

My eye issue has been very debilitating, even more than Krakatoa, my temporary colostomy bag.  I feel sort of guilty that I have not been able to help out at the COE project, but the rangers have been great and want to to take it easy and get better.  I hope that's sooner than later.

I have all kinds of eye drops to take and I have to keep my left eye closed most of the time because the bright sunlight gives me a headache and makes the eye tear up.  I've been hoping that there would come along a task that I could do for the COE, and one came along this past weekend.

We manned (personed for my PC friends) a gatehouse at one of the COE day use areas.  Something I could do without any problems.  Of course, Marti was with me too.

We covered the Parksville, SC Day Use area.  It's not the busiest park, but still needed some folks to be in the gate house.

We got all set up with the paperwork that is needed to run things.

We even had a bunch of life jackets on hand to loan out.

Ready for business.  Do you want fries with that life jacket?   ;c)

We opened at 9am and waited for our first customer.  And waited.  And  waited.

Finally a customer showed up!  Oh wait, he's a resident...

At last, a real customer drove up the entrance.

Saturday wasn't too busy, despite it was a free day due to the National Get Outdoors program.  We still had to be there to tell people they didn't have to pay.  Many people were so happy not having to pay the normal $5 entry fee, they reacted like they won the lottery.

We had a little clicker counter to keep track of all the people that came into the park.

Saturday we had 188, on Sunday we had a "massive" 222 people enjoying the day, so many requested loaner life jackets that we ran out and had to get more sent over.  Thank goodness our life jacket program is working!

We were pretty happy we had 222 people on Sunday, of course it pales in comparison to one of our other parks that had over 1200 people...just by noon!  It's so nice to see people taking advantage of the many beautiful parks and campgrounds at J. Strom Thurmond COE Project.  We're happy to be a part of the team here!

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  1. Glad to see they finally found a job you could handle ! :) Hopefully your eye will improve and you'll get rid of that bag. It's nice to hear that Marti is there to supervise ...

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  3. How about an eye patch and a pirates outfit? Seriously, could you wear an eye patch while the eye heals. It's great that they were able to give you something to do to keep you and Marti sane.

  4. Nice that you could get out there and feel useful again, sound like a great place to be whe you can't travel, maybe someday we will get that way.

  5. So sorry to hear about your eye problems. You just seem to have an unfair number of things to deal with just now. What's the plan to fix this? Did I know about it already? I've been so focused on the most recent situation perhaps I missed it. Glad you were able to do something with Marti this week-end. PLEASE stop feeling guilty. Having medical problems is not a person's fault.

  6. After the medical emergencies that you've been going through lately you have to start slow. Not running around but slowly walking just as you did as an infant. Being patient with yourself is one of the hardest things to do. Luckily you are still part of a really good team.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  7. Healing takes time ... and when it's your eye ... you need to be even more patient.

  8. Slow down Paul. There's no need to feel guilty about not doing the things that you handled here in the past. Get well first, then you'll be back in the PDS mode again.

  9. My thoughts exactly, eye patch seems to be the fashion accessory that could help. I see (no pun!) that they finally got smart and raised the entrance fee by one dollar. Sure makes it easier giving change!

  10. Marti sure looks cute in her red volunteer vest. That would be a fun job telling people they didn't have to pay. Look at all the people you made happy that day

  11. Marti sure looks cute in her red volunteer vest. That would be a fun job telling people they didn't have to pay. Look at all the people you made happy that day

  12. Its great to see you improving AND able to keep the boredom monsters away. No matter how busy or how slow the gate may be, your presence there either scared them away or made them feel welcome. In either case, it will have been memorable.

  13. Glad your getting back in the swing of things when you can.

  14. Doing something productive will aid in the recovery