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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Dropped My Bike, Dropped My Camera

We've been having an amazing time riding the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas and Missouri.  We marvel at the roads, their condition is phenomenal.  We figured the reason they are in such good shape is because nobody seems to use them.  Most roads are empty, we see very few cars.

The curves make riding the bikes so enjoyable.

For those of you that asked, Marti is visiting with her sister Gail, and they are having lots of fun shopping together.  For me, shopping ranks right up there with watching paint dry.  Lucky me, my two brothers, being Harley riders, have to stop at every Harley store we pass and shop, usually to buy t-shirts.

You can buy all kinds of things at Harley stores, even things like this:

Often, we have to compare modern electronic navigation devices with paper maps to figure out where we really are.

Out in the middle of nowhere, we like to stop at interesting little eateries for lunch or cold drinks.  While there, we still try to figure out where we are, where we've been and where we're going.

When all else fails, we man up and ask for directions.  Then we're back on the road again.

We came across this interesting bridge, built with wood planks for the deck.

The clear roads occasionally have a traffic jam.  We came to one which we sat and waited, and waited, and waited. 

After a long while, we decided to turn around.  While tip toeing my bike into the empty other lane, I dropped it.  My bike weighs over 900 pounds and when it decides to lay over, there is no stopping it.  Fortunately, I have crash bars on it so nothing was damaged, except my dignity.  Gordy helped me pick it up and we headed back the other way. 

With all the twists and turns we traveled, Dave thought maybe it would be a good idea to check his brakes.  A quick look showed there were plenty left.  Always good to be sure.

After a great ride through beautiful country,

we returned to the house we've rented in Eureka Springs for the night.  I poured myself a large glass of soda and walked into the living room where I promptly dropped my camera right into the glass.  No crash bars on the camera, I killed it.

Guess where we stopped first thing this morning on today's ride?  Yup, Walmart to buy a new camera.  I hope I've finally finished with my dropping things!

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  1. We love driving roads like that in the motorhome, I know most people would think we are crazy, and perhaps we are but we like it that way! ;-)

    So glad that your bike had crash bars and there was no damage, unlike your camera! Hopefully it wasn't a real expensive camera.

  2. Glad I wasn't the only one having a bad day. Our big cameras don't like water either but both our point and shoots are water proof. They even work well in the rain.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Its good that you had the crash bars on your bike and that your brother was there to help you right it. Too bad about you camera I have a Panasonic Lumix is drop proof, waterproof to 15 ft and dust proof, has helped save it a few times.Keep on enjoying your tour and hope it cools down a bit for you.

  4. I've gone through so many cameras. This last time I bought a orange pocket Nikon that is shock proof and water proof. It's lasted longer than anything else.

  5. WHEW!!! When I read the title I said "OH NO" thinking you'd dropped the bike with you on it. So glad it was nothing but injured pride. You and David need to get together on this dropping cameras in the water thing. You must have a mighty small camera to drop it in a glass of soda. If you'd rinsed it off with fresh water, dried it and put it in a bag of fresh rice for a week, you might have saved it but then you wouldn't have a camera for a week. Not a good idea on this great trip with your brothers.

  6. Butter fingers! Glad your bike wasn't damaged!

  7. So happy it was nothing but pride that got hurt!!!

    Keep having fun and Safe Travels.....

  8. Um, no comment regarding your difficulties. To mention them would be to draw attention to them and it is well known that karma is not forgiving.

    But just what was the alcohol content of your soda?

  9. That must have been either a big glass of soda or a very small camera.'re going to have to go shopping anyway. Those Harley guys are a pita with their Harley t-shirts, aren't they. :)

  10. Here's hoping you're over your case of dropsey. Could get costly.

  11. Here's hoping you're over your case of dropsey. Could get costly.

  12. I know that feeling when a bike falls over and there's nothing one can do to stop it when they are so heavy. Forgot to put the kick stand down one time and proceeded to get off my bike in a busy Walmart parking lot. Now that was embarrassing. Last summer I didn't have the kick stand fully deployed when I parked the bike in our carport. Next morning the big bike was over on it's side and into our Pontiac Sunfire. Broke the bikes mirror off and put 2 small dents in the Sunfire. Those shock proof cameras people are talking about sound like a good idea.......