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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

How Can Retirement Be So Busy?

Busy is not the word I expected when we moved into our home base two months ago.  Along with taking delivery of the new furnishings and assembling some of them, there were little things like hanging drapes and curtains, finding places for new dishes and silverware (and trying to remember where they were placed) as well as arranging the house to get it to where we wanted things to go.

Then the entertainment of family and friends began with Thanksgiving, a visit with good friends from the COE Volunteer Village and a two week trial with my dad staying in his new rooms we have set aside for him if or when he decides to stay with us instead of living on his own.

We did get a chance to get away for ten days and drive up to NJ to spend Christmas with our two granddaughters, Anabelle and Lizzie.  It was a lot of fun, worth the two day car trip up (and back).

We took time to go out to eat and give their mom a break from cooking.  Marti and Anabelle like coloring while waiting for the food.

It was fun on Christmas morning with all the gifts.  Mom Amanda helped the girls open their presents.

Little Madison smartly stayed out of the way.

After all the presents were opened, little Lizzie couldn't decide which toy to play with first.

Right after we returned to the home base, we had to hop a plane the next day to go "home" and take care of some residency requirements.

Dakota Post, our mailing service's new building.  Finishing up all that paperwork, we did a little sight seeing.  Sioux Falls in winter.  Music from the Disney movie Frozen bounced around my head.


Cold never bothered me anyway!

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  1. Amazing how time flies when you are having fun. No time to work anymore.

  2. The falls are so beautiful when they're frozen but I really hope we don't ever need to see them that way. After going on nine years, I still haven't figured out how we ever got everything done while we were working. And we're not near as busy as you guys are.

  3. I wondered when I saw the Falls picture if you were on your way to CA :) Hope we see you when you're out here!

  4. Boy have you been busy! I don't think you'll have much time for that motorhome with so many family and friends nearby. Does make me wonder how in the world we ever had time to have a job.

  5. Boy you guys sure have been busy!!
    A very cold time to visit S Dakota but very pretty!!

  6. Fun Family Time!!!

    Boy am I glad you are in SD and not us;o((( Pretty picture, but just too cold for us;o))

    Safe Travels and Happy New Year!!!

  7. How'd I miss this post? Snow and ice is nice to look at but not my favorite thing to drive in. Looks like you did okay and were smart enough to head south when the time came around.