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Thursday, January 26, 2017

House One Meets House Two

We're "Dead End Kids" with our new home base.  Fortunately for us, right next to the house is a small parking area, just big enough to pull the Journey into.

Job number one was to give the Journey a well deserved (and long overdue) washing.  The Journey is residing in a nearby storage lot which is unpaved and pretty dusty.

After a couple of hours, the Journey looked much better.

We're leaving next week for a trip to Disney World in Florida with our Jersey granddaughters Anabelle and Lizzie for their very first visit (Shh, don't tell them, it's a surprise).  Then Marti and I plan on sliding down to Key West for a couple of weeks to give our "Tadpole" scooters and our Sea Eagle kayak some use.

So we did a few maintenance tasks to prep the Journey.  Marti took on the seeming never ending task of removing some more of the plastic Diamond Shield from the Journey's nose.  It takes a long time to get some of it off.  Still lots more to remove.  I ordered some 3M adhesive remover to tackle the residual glue, looking forward to using it to clean the glue off the paint (thanks, Steve!).

I did an engine fuel filter change, it's a bugger to get to, it's inside under the floor in the back bedroom.  I have to remove a step cover and then a bolted down engine hatch cover.  Sometimes I miss having a front engine motor home.

SOme years ago I added a manual priming pump to the fuel system so I can pump fresh diesel fuel into the empty filter through the filter medium so no dirt can enter the fuel system by pre filling the filter with unfiltered fuel.  Lots of  "fuel" in that sentence, eh?  ğŸ˜  Fuel pumps and injectors can easily be damaged by unfiltered fuel and boy are they expensive to replace!

A general check of everything on the engine and a thorough lubing of my exhaust brake finished up the under floor items.  I'll get the oil changed at a Speedco shop on our way to Florida.  It's quick and easy and relatively cheap to have it done, along with a chassis greassing.

A good bit of penetrating oil on the electric step and a topping off of all the tire pressures rounded out our pre trip tasks.

After everything was completed, we returned the Journey to its spot in the storage lot.  Next week, we'll bring it back over to House 2 and dewinterize it to leave on February 1st.  Can't wait to roll into Disney's Fort Wilderness campground for our fun visit with the Jersey grands!

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  1. The motorhome is looking good as is the NEW home:o)) Can't wait to see the pictures from you Disney visit. First time visits are the best!! Lots of memories to be made!!

  2. Who will have more fun, them or you!?

  3. Ahhhh, Disney!!! It just doesn't get much better.
    Your Journey looks great and is ready to roll. You won't have long to wait!!

  4. We'll be there February 5 to 11. If you are there then, let us know your site # and we'll stop by. Lucky granddaughters, lucky grandparents. Such fun coming up!

  5. Just arrived home last week from a three week visit to Fort Wikderness. Have a magical time. Our favorite happy place.

  6. What an adventure you'll have with those grand kids.

  7. Now there is some excitement going to be happening here with the Jersey grands heading south have too much fun.

  8. You did not mention if the two houses liked each other:(

  9. We're hoping to get down to the Keys March 1. Maybe we'll be able to get together. Our fuel filters are right out in the open behind the engine cover.... guess we lucked out there.

  10. What a trip for you! Sounds like you had a couple fun trips ahead of you and the Journey. Love Disney and Love Key West.